1. T

    Anyone collecting a new AMG tomorrow !!!?

    All the Info in the title !
  2. Myclk55amg

    Stop moss collecting on rubber trim

    Hi guys was just wondering if any of you guys could help me? Is there anything I can put on the rubber seals to stop moss from collecting?. With it being a second it's parked on my drive most of the time, the problem is the driveway doesn't getsunlight on it at all so it collects in no time! And...
  3. A

    Collecting car tomorrow

    Hi folks, quite excited now as the dealer called yesterday to say that we can collect the cabriolet tomorrow, this will be my first ever drop top & my first petrol Mercedes so I'm looking forward to it, bring on the sunshine lol :D:bannana: :thumb:
  4. M

    New Car collecting tomorrow..what to check..?

    Guys, I am collecting my new A class factory order car tomorrow, Q1. What all checks I need to do..? Q2. How much miles it maximum it should show as its directly with main dealer..? Q3. Pay first and check car for faults or check car first and then pay..? Q4. Any thing more to be...
  5. Marcel-Anthony

    Looking Forward to Collecting My CLK This Week

    Just a quick intro and Hi to all. Hope to collect my new to me Clk 270 CDI (Face Lift) some time this week, Its not my first Merc, have owned in the past 2 190e's. (A 1986 2.3 16v Cosworth and a 1991 2.0l Sportline) and a 1989 280 SL But this was many many moons ago. So really looking forward...
  6. tonyc280

    Thor Mar condensation collecting bags

    Was wondering if any one has used any of the above as i'm still having condensation problems in my w202 c280. Cheers, T.
  7. S

    Collecting this tomorrow anything I should know?

    Hi I'm new here, but joined because I'm collecting a GL 63 AMG tomorrow, see pic. Anyway, I've already got the owners manual, but is there anything specific I should do/ask when I collect? Cheers Jon
  8. shshivji

    New Owner collecting this week!!

    Hey all, Just like to say a big hi!!! I've put a deposit down for a 2006 c280 avantgarde 7s auto with 31000miles which I should be picking up from the dealer this week after its been prep-ed, I think I got a good deal cost £7700 and hopefully as its the facelift model it should have the...
  9. loveday

    Collecting my new C63AMG Saturday

    Hi all, As some of you may know I decided to buy the new 61 plate C63 AMG, I will be collecting the car on Saturday 3rd and I can’t wait, I have taken a couple of pictures of the new car and my old C63 hope you like, also Mercedes have agreed to supply and install free of charge the Carbon Fibre...
  10. J

    Collecting new E350 coupe on thursday

    So I can't wait, keep browsing through the brochure reading about the spec. Going to take the wife this time to collect so that she can experience the same buzz that I had on my last collection. I did have chance of a White coupe with similar spec but no Designo Leather But someone pipped me at...
  11. jeremy156

    W211 E-class collecting water at base of windscreen

    I just lifted the bonnet after bringing the car in from the rain and noticed that there's a drain at the base of the windscreen between the wiper blade mounts, that appears to be blocked. I've attached a photo, showing it almost brimming fifteen minutes after I brought it in - at first it was...
  12. C

    Collecting my 2nd Mercedes tonight!

    :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana: 2 1/2 hrs and counting! V8 heaven here I come!. I shall post the details when I have picked it up! Cheers Simon
  13. P

    w220 heater/air con air inlet, rain water collecting

    Moving my car the other day after after washing it the day previous it was noticed that a large amount of water slopped from bonnet vent from the drivers side, i found that drain was blocked this led to me checking the ones beneath in the well under both air vents behind engine compartment, i...
  14. jonathan

    collecting my new car on saturday

    I cant wait im picking up my brand new clk 280 cab on saturday. Not showing off just excited and need to tell someone before i burst. :bannana:
  15. High-Lo

    Water collecting under boot carpet

    Just checking if its normal to have water collecting in the small 'well' under the boot carpet directly under the left hand light cluster (next to where the toolkit/jack goes) in my w202? I changed my rear light clusters for the facelift ones and they appear to be fitted correctly with the same...
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