1. C

    Servicing on collection on a used car by the supplying dealer - C63 ppp

    Hi, I bought my C63 from a MB dealer almost 12 months ago. 3 years old and ~23k on the clock. It's now got ~32k on it I've just rung my local MB dealer for a "B5" Service and was quoted about ~£1150. Everything I've read on here suggested ~600 is nearer the norm so dug a bit deeper in to the...
  2. shazzya45

    Collection day expectation

    Picking up my new A45 AMG soon which is also my first ever brand new car. What am i expecting to go through on collection day? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. timskemp

    Another one for the collection: My SLK

    Or MLC as my older, psychology studying daughter describes it. SLK 200 R172 AMG sport auto. Tenorite / Crystal. Saw it on my saved searches coming through at my dealer with another one in Cavansite / Beige, but this was lower mileage and had heated seats and parking sensors. Had it nearly...
  4. SomebodyCalledJ

    Full Warranty Re-spray Collection

    After 5 weeks in the Body shop I am collecting my car tomorrow, it has had a full re-spray under warranty, plus some private work consisting of the bumpers and side skirts being painted too. I have read a few horror stories of rust underneath seals, due to removal during the process, bad...
  5. MikeInWimbledon

    Who has the biggest private car collection in the UK?

    Who has the biggest private car collection in the UK? I thought it was James Hull, with his collection of 543 remarkable British cars, but it seems that he sold it to Jaguar Land Rover three years ago. Anyone know who has got the biggest now? And I'm not asking by value, or exotica...
  6. KennyN

    Local dealer selling his Heritage collection

    As above , i looked at some of them when we were looking at a car for the wife as they are kept at a local dealership. petervardyheritage | eBay Cant believe the price of the type 2 vans :eek: I will have the SL if anyone is buying , certainly not the Nova at £4k. Kenny
  7. ioweddie

    Amazing collection Wow!
  8. A

    Awaiting collection

    Pick up my new company car next week the C350e changing over from a BMW 320.. have heard a lot of different things regarding running costs etc and the one big question I have is the app how do I go about this? thanks in advance
  9. V

    C43 Coupe collection day :D

    So yesterday ended my 4 week wait for my first shiny new car. Unfortunately the weather was awful so didn't get to play outside with it much but here are some shots from the handover...
  10. S

    AMG Private Lounge Collection Hat Giveaway

    Found from AMG Private Lounge. With the continued interest in a specific AMG Private Lounge collection of branded merchandise in mind, we are proud to offer members a free official AMG Private Lounge branded hat. We have produced a new version of the AMG Private Lounge hat, featuring carbon...
  11. J

    Kamikaze Collection

    I've read some good reviews on these products. Has anyone tried them? regards
  12. developer

    C63S For Collection

    Looking resplendent. At the front was a sign to the effect of: "Prepared and awaiting collection by Mr" Any ideas? :D
  13. Ant-toe-knee

    Full payment before collection

    Just some advice I've never done this before and have bought many used cars from dealers. Anyway I put down a £1k deposit last Friday and the car is due to be ready for Wednesday. The dealer wants full payment before collection which I think is not consumer friendly. I will be paying in...
  14. R

    GTs collection - dealership gripe - interested in JBD view

    I fully appreciate that the below may well make me look like a pompous tw@ so move on if you think so ! Nonetheless it's really peed me off so I thought I'd document it. Almost exactly a year ago I submitted an order for an AMG Gts. Throughout that wait the experience has been mixed, a very...
  15. Lenny63

    A Nice Collection - clk 55 , 3 x SL600

    This owner seems like an enthusiast who spends more time in Spain now than UK The CLK 55 is especially nice and a low miler all cars have been dry stored for approx 2 years...
  16. ckember

    Nice collection

    Set of three mercs for £2k make someone a nice set of projects
  17. The _Don

    Halfords offer - Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Gift Collection
  18. A

    DVD collection

    I am selling my dvd collection if anyone is interested. Heres the list The untouchables Phonebooth The ultimate goodness gracious me 4pk The rock Nothing to loose The good the bad the ugly Matchstick men The thin red line The bourne supremacy Back to future trilogy Pulp fiction Fightclub...
  19. tali

    Britain’s biggest private car collection

    Dentist James Hull selling his 450 classic cars for £100 MILLION | Mail Online
  20. C

    My Collection

    I love cars and less than a year ago I passed my test :) Insurance prems are wild but my party days are over me and my cars are my nights out. Here they are in order of purchase: Next on cards are 2007 Porsche Cayman S and 2003 Ferrari 360M, but not until I love to bigger...
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