1. trapperjohn

    Collective Nouns.

    So SWMBO saw 9 yes 9 magpies in our back yard today they were altogether in a :- TITTERING, TIDING, GULP, MURDER or CHARM* as more than 1 is known. BTW according to the rhyme 9 magpies heralds a kiss. There are some real off the wall Collective Nouns. Anyone get any good ones real or...
  2. Satch

    Collective insanity

    is the only term I can use to describe yesterday. Often said that standards of general behaviour are dropping but that is wrong. They have dropped already and seem to be getting worse. It was supposed to be easy: self & Mrs S. to drive 120 miles to drop/collect aged/infirm relatives then 140...
  3. Alfie

    Collective noun for Mercedes

    Having decided now not to sell the ML I have hopefully secured a second Mercedes. This brought about a debate with my wife concerning the correct collective noun for Mercedes. I said it should be a 'brace' if their were two. However, she who has various degrees, one of which is latin, claims...
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