1. Sirpent

    AMG Builders Plate - Request for help from the Colony

    Greetings from the Great Southern Colony. I own a 2002 CLK320 (My daily driver) but I am also building a project car running a SC 3.2 out of a 2002 C32 AMG sedan. I'm well aware that AMG didn't place builders plates on that model years motors, however the guys in the State's (Remember the...
  2. O

    Greetings from a former colony! 320CDI HELP)

    Greetings from a former colony! (320CDI HELP) Greetings, from Evergreen, Colorado. USA The 211 series 320CDI is available for ordering here in the US, as a 2005 model, deliveries starting this April. I am about to order and since the car has been available in the UK for some time now, I...
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