1. Mr Filipov

    COMAND NTG4.5 Color Scheme

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone has either done it or knows if it can be done. I have a 61 plate 2012MY E350 CDI with NTG4.5. It has the brown/black colour scheme, which I do not mind, but would prefer the newer one black/grey/red. I know these are two different versions in terms of...
  2. A

    Gear Knob in Blue color - W211 E270 CDI

    Hi, I am looking to buy a gear/shift knob for E270 cdi in blue color? Let me know if you have one. Thanks A
  3. knight80

    Oil color

    I have a used E220 blutec with 11K on the clock from Mercedes dealership. I've been told the car serviced on delivery day and shows 355 days to Service B. The oil is quiet dark and black. Is it normal? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. M

    What color is your Merc?

    I will be treating myself to a W212 saloon soon and I'm wondering what color to get. It seems every Merc on the road is black these days. Those which are not are silver or white. Unless it's a older classic model. Actually, once I started paying attention to the colors of Mercs on the streets...
  5. astamir

    Black series yellow color paint code

    HI GUYS! I was thinking about color changing on my silver w208 clk55 and I have few colors in mind one of them the black series models yellow metallic. It looks like mercedes keeps the pant code in secret)) does anyone here knows what the paint code would be? thanks in advance fellow mercedes owners
  6. The _Don

    Kia ambassador Rafael Nadal wins Mercedes-AMG GT, is unhappy about the color

    "It's not a Kia" :0)
  7. manofgresley

    Interior Color Charts ?

    Hi all. I have searched the forum for a colour codes and a chart for interiors, but I can find codes but not a colour chart. Can anyone supply me with a colour chart for a 2001, CLK W208 Cabriolet Elegance panted in " Brilliant Silver" or point me in the right direction to get one so that...
  8. B

    The best color for r129

    Hello peepz I will have my money save soon to buy the SL500 129. I not sure the best color to buy for value when I sale again. Which is best? I like the white but I think green or blue is better for $$$. I wonder which color people prefer? thank you.... Mx
  9. E

    Philips Color Vision Bulbs - Pre-Launch Testers Required!

    Hi Everybody! We've just taken delivery of samples of the new Philips Color Vision Bulbs & need some trusty forum members to test them out, provide some pictures & details about how they found them! In return for your time, you'll get to keep the bulbs (worth £34.99 per set!) The...
  10. S

    W204 facelift interior led color change added by Xentry (pics)

    Hi! I just have played with my Xentry and cheked some setting in cluster. In developer mode there are many parametres. I found change interior led color: (Solar = orange like default) (Neutral = White) (Polar = blue) Also find ambiend light adjust setting and level for it. I made setting to...
  11. horgantrevor

    C43 w202 which color change or not

    I have a 1998 c43 744 silver but looking to change the colour I'm getting a full respray glass out and so on I have been looking at the newer mb colour range and I have a few ideas But I would love a few thoughts from people ......
  12. horgantrevor

    c43 leather seat color question

    hi i have the black white leather option in my c43 im trying to find out what is the code for the leather on the correct color as im ordering dye to restore a few scratches it may sound silly but can i have the code for the black and white i have my engine plate if it helps
  13. N

    Need help with interior color code

    what color tone is this colorcode 8J12 I think it's Kiesel sand grey? Is that a whitiesh tone? Would that tone fit my C43 AMG with black leather seats. Rooflining is standard greyish/whiteish?? thanks
  14. O

    Cooland changed color from blue to gold?

    Hi, Just saw that my water pump is shot, there was some coolant at the front of the engine, odly it was a wee gold ish in color, once I openend the reservoir, the coolant was defenitly not the proper MB coolant color??? I have changed it when I got the car with the proper stuff. It is now...
  15. D

    Cruise control wiring diagram with color.. HELP SOOOOOS!!!

    Hello from Azerbaidjan. My car is w124 /M103/ 3.0L/ When pulling out the cruise control amplifier under the dash, the electrical connector splitted open. There are 13 wires coming to this connector. Anyone has a wiring diagram (color coded) so I can rebuilt this connector?. Thanks
  16. EndPoint

    center caps color

    adharz silver wheels with black center caps ? would they look nice ?
  17. D

    w220 oil color check help...

    Hello Chaps. I have a w220 - 2000 model s320 petrol. The car has currently done 93400 miles and was last serviced at 88000 miles with a complete oil change, spark plugs, files, etc etc etc. It was service A. this is back in 2009 and now my service reminder for service b is up and I just thought...
  18. Goldfish11

    Any one got a car in Alabandine Gray - what color is it?

    A strange request :o Just trying to choose a C Class car color it is a toss up between Alabandine Gray or Palladium Silver (with Alpaca interior). I like the darker Alabandine as it shows up the chrome better but what colour is the metallic in it? I saw one briefly and it looked as if it...
  19. Spinal

    MOT and Vehicle Color

    I need to get one of my bikes MOT'ed... that said, I'm working on getting it re-sprayed following a few scrapes. In the meantime, I will have a set of black fairings on the bike (instead of red). Does anyone know if the color of the vehicle/motorbike is checked at the mot (I know there is...
  20. R

    looking to fit a reversing senser But do not know which color wire going to the rever

    hi all new to this club looking for some help.i have 2002 ml270cdi and looking to fit a reversing senser But do not know which color wire going to the reversing light to use, any one know please
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