1. D

    Coloured seat belt option

    Notice that you can now choose not to have coloured seat belts eg. Red!! This really caused issues for me when choosing my cars' interior as I wanted Black leather but also Black seat belts instead of red so in the end went for the red leather. Having said that very happy with it.
  2. andy27168

    Rare Coloured C43 AMG on E-Bay

    Hi, Rare coloured 43, appears to be rust free though it does have a jacking point cover missing. Does look nice though. Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG 4.3 Auto - P12 RRB Pvt plate included | eBay
  3. Conquistador

    Unusual coloured SL55 AMG

    Spotted this unusual coloured SL55 at South Mimms services last night. Sounded meaty too. Definitely didn't have the standard exhaust system. Anybody know if this was a standard colour or Designo colour or if this has been wrapped? Looked like chrome blue to me.
  4. B

    Coloured calipers

    Afternoon All My first post here and straight in at the deep end! I am the proud new owner of a 320 Cdi CLK Sport and would like to improve the sporty appearance by getting some coloured brake calipers. To be honest, I am looking for them to look good rather than wanting improved...
  5. AMG Steve

    Round Coloured AMG Badges

    Mercedes AMG Badge 60mm | eBay Mercedes AMG Badge 45mm | eBay
  6. Pitts Pilot

    Light coloured seats for everyday use?

    I am looking to buy a black 2008 SL350, and I have found one that is perfect for miles, price, kit, etc, except it’s upholstered with light Sand coloured leather. If I were intending to use the car as my second vehicle for ‘Sunday outings’, then I would not worry, but I will be driving it each...
  7. BillyW124

    Mushroom coloured Velour/carpet

    Morning! Anybody able to tell me where i could get some mushroom coloured fabric i.e. the similar type of material that you find on the rear parcel shelf?
  8. techcareuk

    Coloured glass MB factory Fitted S500L 2002

    Hi all, Ive noticed this thread on the forum and rather post a reply to an old tread i thought i post i new one relating to my recent experience, hope this was ok? in post #7 of the above...
  9. Horrgakx

    iPhone OS4 calendar coloured 'pips' or dots

    I've upgraded my 3GS to OS4 and I've now got coloured 'pips' or dots to the left of all entries. Blue is my "calendar" and red is "birthdays". I don't see why I need the dots but I can't seem to remove them. Anyone seen a solution to this please?
  10. S

    Black scuffs on tan coloured plastic, help.

    Hello All, My W210 has a tan coloured interior. Over the 8 years of it's life it has acquired black scuff marks on the interior plastic, mainly around the door sills from people getting in and out. So far I've tried most of the cleaning products under the sink, Autoglym interior shampoo and...
  11. andy27168

    Unusual coloured C43 AMG

    Just saw this this never seen a 43 in this colour before, nice plate too, and appears to be in nice condition too. MERCEDES BENZ C43 AMG DESIGNO PURPLE METALLIC 1999 on eBay (end time 01-Mar-10 13:12:02 GMT) Though the coloured part of the steering wheel looks like it maybe marked, and why...
  12. merc180k

    Coloured Calipers

    Building up my little list of mods for my car (C180k Avantgarde SE Sport 2004) and have decided that I quite fancy some coloured calipers which will be seen behind my wide spaced alloys. :D Of course they would need to have Mercedes Benz on them. But it leaves 2 questions..... 1) What would...
  13. ADY1983

    What do the different coloured lines mean, on the prop shaft??

    Hi, Ok i have now got the old Engine out today and the prop shafts look the same but, the lines are different colours. I was told these do make a difference anyone know what???
  14. Alfie

    Bad coloured CLK cabrio over priced. Over priced for such an unpopular colour with naff all extra's. She's right when she says a real head turner! Yuk!!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH theres another one as well...
  15. A

    Vertical coloured lines on TFT

    Hi, Occasionally, my TFT monitor which is in the my car develops thin vertical coloured lines. What would cause this? The screen is attached to the ceiling for rear passengers. tx Amolak V220
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