1. T

    Paint Colours

    New member here. I am on the look out for an S class to replace my E class. The car has been excellent but find it's a little short of cabin space and a little hard riding. I was hoping to replace it with a S class (2014 shape onwards) as I feel the ride and space of the car will give me...
  2. T

    First world problems - c63s coupe colours

    Hi all I realize that this is a stupid "problem" to have but I would appreciate some second opinion(s) if any one can be bothered ! I have put a deposit down on a c63s coupe ( the one with red brake calipers) . I have to fix the spec soon and I can decide what I want Current option...
  3. A

    Great Autumn colours

  4. P

    Leather colours

    I have a 2001 clk 230 and would like to redye steering wheel interior code is 215 A is this quartz and Siam beige? Siam beige swatches online look too light. Any help gratefully received? Tanzanite blue paint and black hood.
  5. dddooommm

    CLK w209 Headunit aftermarket upgrade, what are the audio wiring block wire colours?

    MBCLUB members- This is my first well over due post, Really struggling for help & can't find any specific info on this! SRS system is my specialty- Please help with my aftermarket audio electrics. My overall outcome is to fit my aftermarket Pioneer headunit that was previously working...
  6. Deane x

    Mercedes colours

    I know Mercedes don't have many colours , but what colours do people like and hate , I like obsidian black ,Tenorite grey and brilliant blue . I think silver makes a new car look older than it is and I can not stand white cars years ago no one had white cars now because it's so called...
  7. T

    Night time sat nav colours

    Is there a way to change the nighttime display for the sat nav. I have a 2011 CLS and this is one of the few things that bug me. I'd prefer it to keep the daytime colours/display or customise it somehow? Thanks.
  8. Deane x

    Just bought my self 4 Diffrent colours s classes , slk , and a cl

    Just bought my self 4 Diffrent colours s classes ,slk,and a cl ......I'm 36 ha ha ................................""................ Any one else collect Herpa models ;)
  9. smillion

    New CLS interior colours ?

    The CLS is being launched with some subtle changes including a 9 speed auto, all LED lights, an 8 inch screen I shall be ordering one this summer but am trying to find out what colour options exist inside (and out for that matter, as white seems more common now ) There are apparently 5...
  10. B

    Suggestions on alloy wheel colours

    Hi everyone, I need your input on what type of colour tones I should paint my alloy wheels... what would go well with a palladium silver car? I have a 2012 CLS 350 CDI AMG sport, and it came with the 5-spoke 19" alloys. These are part diamond-cut on the face of the spokes and around the hub...
  11. J

    R129 Interior colours

    I have a 1995 R129 S6L0. I wanted a replacement seat base and found one online- spoke to the guy, he said no problem, shipped it- much darker than mine- looks almost dark grey, but it is a blue- deep dark blue. He then told me that there is only one colour of interior blue- code 722. Is this...
  12. grober

    The Demise of Solid Colours

    Interesting article on Car Buyer on the cost of car paint. Not much in it really from make to make although the special paint jobs like MERCEDES designo are obviously not covered. Car paint: avoid getting ripped off | CarBuyer What is interesting however is their assertion that low cost...
  13. Niks

    Mercedes Colours

    Every other W211 or W212 I look at for sale is either silver or black with the typical black interior. Has the UK gone completely bland or something, or is this some sort of a trend? The W123/W124/W210/W201/W202... all these cars were bought in different colour combo's which gave so much of a...
  14. I

    Wheels colours

    Other than silver... I've got a black SEC and looking at new wheels (lovely as the Baroques are I fancy a change) I was thinking maybe having them finished in black? anybody done this with a 126? any photos about?
  15. P

    Dash colours

    Does anyone know if there is different colour bulbs available for the dash clocks?
  16. sspeed

    wheel colours . . Opinions Please

    Comments on the refurb colours please.. I have books my wheels in to be refurbed tomorrow morning.. I am still playing with 2 different options.. 1st photo shows the standard silver on my car.. 2nd photo shows a photo shopped version of Anthracite.. I know its a mock up but its pretty close to...
  17. B

    E63 COLOURS - photos wanted

    Hi, I am excitedly waiting for my e63 estate which is on order but struggling to decide on a colour. I saw from the press release thread some physical cars are arriving now so does anyone have photos of covelline blue or tenorite grey they could post up. I am expecting late July delivery so...
  18. Stig2082

    CLS passed family holiday test with flying colours (2,300 miles in 2 weeks)

    The test of the practicality of the CLS as a family car was always going to be put to the test in our annual summer hols trip into Europe. With roofbox on (necessary evil) we cruised across to France, then Italy and back. It racked up 2,300 miles in 2 weeks and it didn't miss a beat. It happily...
  19. C

    Wire Colours

    Hi everyone out there, Paul here from Kenya East Africa. I have a 1995 W124 E200 with M111.940 engine. I have replaced my throttle body but I have challenges in reconnecting it back to the PMS (the Eight Wires) reason being the PMS loom to the throttle was rewired and definately the wire...
  20. MD5

    Stunning colours (and car)

    Saw this yesterday, and had to share! Speaking to the owner, the paint, chromaflare (sp?), was a £7k option. To respray would cost £25k back at AMG.
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