1. M

    Aftermarket comand upgrade

    Looking around on eBay there seem to be loads of Android based SatNav/DAB/Bluetooth etc units to replace the factory fitted Comand system. Does anyone have any experience of these? Any recommendations?
  2. D

    COMAND - track information not available with personal POIs

    I have a 2015 W212 with COMAND 5*1, at least I am pretty certain that is the version of COMAND I have. It has the ability to import personal POIs from the SD card. The files must be put in the root directory of the SD card in a folder called PersonalPOI. That works fine, except there is a...
  3. D

    Comand s/w update (not maps disc!)

    I bought the (genuine, expensive!) V17 maps disc for my W211 with NTG1 Comand. I followed the instructions inside and I now have updated maps, POIs etc. so the local roads almost align with real-life now! Thing is, I am still on an old Firmware version. SW Ver. HU: 51/2003...
  4. Real Merc Man

    Mercedes Navigation Update COMAND APS 2015/2016 DVD A219 827 18 00

    Mercedes-Benz Navigation Update DVD's For COMAND APS Europe 2015/2016 Part number A219 827 18 00 For use with sales code 81P/502 States Comand software update 09/29 is necessary to use this Update. I purchased this to update my previous Mercedes E Class prior to selling the car, as I...
  5. Real Merc Man

    Mercedes Navigation Update COMAND APS 2017 DVD A219 827 24 00

    Mercedes-Benz Navigation Update DVD's For COMAND APS Europe 2017 Part number A219 827 24 00 Version 15 For use with sales code 81P/502 States Comand software update 09/29 is necessary to use this Update. I purchased this to update my new C Class in error as I need a USB stick Update...
  6. 6

    Mercedes-Benz Navigation Update, COMAND APS, Europe, 2016/17 NTG2.5

    Genuine Mercedes DVD update set For NTG2.5 Part number A2198271300 £65 including postage in the UK, £70 EU. Payment by Paypal F&F or bank transfer This navigation update requires COMAND software update 09/29, available from Telematics CD 01/2010. Please contact your Mercedes-Benz...
  7. Fadedbryan

    SL500 (R230) 2003 Comand Unit For Sale

    Hi I have just recently bought a brand new modern unit to replace my Comand unit. I therefore have a fully working Comand Unit w/Navigation Part #230 820 25 89 that will fit in to a 2003-2005 Mercedes Benz SL500 R230. It is in very good condition and comes with a 2014 sat nav MB disc...
  8. S

    W204 Comand Question

    Hi All. I recently added a DAB kit to my stereo and removed the head unit so that I could get to an ignition live. The problem is I have put it back together and now the heated seats and parking sensor buttons do not work. I reconnected 3 leads to the airvents. Can anyone assist me? I...
  9. J

    W203 - swap cd changer for a bluetooth module?

    Apologies but im a total noob here... I have just bought myself a w203 c32 amg and wanted to be able to play music via bluetooth in my car! From what I have read and understood I have the comand 2.0 HU and I know it is possible to get a bluetooth module that replaces the AUX in the glovebox...
  10. jih2000

    Spotify - Comand (NTG 4.5)

    Hi, I believe i have NTG 4.5 in my C63 (2013 model). What is the best way to integrate spotify with comand to give usable functionality e.g. change tracks etc via the dial/steering controls? I assume i would need to interface the phone to the unit, unless there is other hardware. If so, I...
  11. 2

    Comand Online Destination rename

    Does anyone know how you can rename a destination on the W213 Comand online system. If you save as a global favourite then you can rename but that clutters up the Favourites menu bar. If you send the destination from your phone using ME it comes up as 'from the phone' or if you select a...
  12. E

    E-Class -COMAND not working properly after windscreen replaced

    I don't know if anyone can shed any light on this problem with W213 widescreen COMAND. Windscreen had a crack and was replaced by MB main Dealer (at cost of nearly £700). After this, the COMAND is not fully working - after entering a destination the time does not count down as you drive to the...
  13. thebook

    Which comand is this?

    My car is a 2011 E350 Cab. I don't know if this is an NTG4 or NTG4.5, can anyone provide the definitive answer please?
  14. K

    W204 Comand displey closing problem

    Hello. I have C320cdi 4matic 2009 year, and i have problem with opening and closing Comand display. When i press button to close display, display begins to close, but then goes back to the open position. When i press button again (10-15x), display close completely. When the display is closed...
  15. PhilLinda

    3 years free Comand update

    Just bought a 2 year old C class coupe and the previous owner hasn't had the Comand maps updated. Can I just book it into my local MB dealer for an update or will they only do it at service time? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. nickpb

    Comand - Saving destinations with a meaningful name, or renamimg them later

    So I have a new E-Class with Comand version NTG 5.5 and I can't for the life of me see a way to either give a sensible name to a destination when I save it, or rename it after I have saved it. When it saves it, it seems to just use the name of the road, most of which are totally forgettable...
  17. S

    Comand map

    Looking for current upto date comand map update disk Not sure which disks i need... Cheers
  18. J

    C220 2014 Estate - COMAND Sat nav map updating

    Evening folks. I've got a 2014 C220 Estate (June). I called the main dealer yesterday about upgrading the COMAND Sat nav maps and got quoted £100 which seems a bit excessive to say the least considering the price of Sat navs now. Anyone have any more cost effective solutions? Much obliged for...
  19. J

    Comand NTG 2.5

    Hi I have a ML300 with the Command NTG 2.5 which has just stopped playing music cd it plays dvd sound and picture, has anyone had this problem and does anyone have a fix for it thanks.
  20. V

    Comand or Not Comand, that is the question?

    Hi, I'm trying to understand the sat nav/audio system in my W204 2011 facelift c class. In order to fit any extras like a reversing camera or map updates etc, I need to know what I'm starting with and what options are available withing a reasonable price scale. Could anyone enlighten me please...
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