1. Alfie

    CLK & ML COMANDs for sale. Discount for MB Club members

    I have two COMANDS for sale; One is a W208 CLK unit A208 820 40 89 , the other is a W163 ML unit A163 820 36 89. Both have MY01 update applied, both come with warranty, antennae and full fitting instructions plus telephone support. Fully tested, fully functional. The CLK unit is...
  2. Alfie

    CLK / E Class COMANDS for sale.

    CLK / E Class / ML COMANDS for sale. I have a very limited stock of COMANDs suitable for either an E class or a CLK WITH STEERING WHEEL controls. A discount is offered to forum members as per usual. I have 3 units, all supurb condition, all have MY01 update on them, all come with warranty...
  3. Alfie

    COMANDS on ebay - beware

    There have been a spate of hijacked accounts on eBay lately which claim to be selling COMAND units. These accounts can easily be spotted as the item is usually located in China with the seller often registered in Germany. The listings themselves have been directly copied from a UK based...
  4. B

    New NAV CD for CD COMANDs

    Anyone bought the new United Kingdom - Ireland 2004 - 2005 - TravelPilot DX - TMC I had the 2004 TMC versio which was useless as it only covered motorways. If anyone has one could they let us know if it does A & B Roads Thanks
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