1. markjay

    Ferroli Modena 27C HE Combi Boiler for Sale As above.... never used. Bought new last month, installed two weeks ago, then immediately removed - it did not fit the application. In original (open) box. Photos to follow. Collection from St...
  2. I

    2010 s204 steering combi switch

    Hi does anybody know if on my 2010 s204, will this c class 2013 steering column switch fit/ be compatible part no. A212 900 7823, i want a newer column because i have bought a 2013 steering wheel so doing column change instead of hacking up the chip inside cheers gaz
  3. G

    de walt combi kit

    selling some 18 v dewalt kit,upgraded now to lithium so this is now surplus to requirements, on ebay at moment, £220 to forum member, item number----281127131056
  4. M

    Side Rear Windows on Vito Combi Don't Lock

    Hi all, I am new to the forum so thanks very much in advance! I just purchased a Vito 110 CDI Combi van from a dealer and very happy with it. One important thing that I noticed once I got home, was that the rear side windows (as from manufacturer) can't be locked so anyone can get in to the van...
  5. johnsco

    Plumbing question vaillant eco-tec plus 831 combi boiler

    We use the above for our central heating and hot water. It's never given a moment of trouble, and I don't want to spoil the trend. Like half of the country, we've just experienced a freeze-up and burst to an outside pipe. It only supplies the outside tap at the back of the house, so I've done...
  6. J

    Any Combi Boiler Heating experts here?

    I have a Vaillant Combi Ecotec plus boiler that serves the central heating and I seem to have pressure issues in the radiators. When the system is cold the sealed pressure reading is at about .4 bar and at around this figure the boiler will refuse to come on and show an error. Then you have...
  7. R

    New combi boiler needed - can anyone give me any advice?

    Hi All, I'm really stuck. There seem to be sooo many boilers, and so many differing opinions. I need a new combi boiler, I'll be buying and the fitter will be fitting. I'll be getting a POWERFlush, cleanser & inhibitor, Magna Clean ...and maybe a lime fighter (or maybe not? - thoughts?). I...
  8. lxi

    central heating combi boiler probs

    My son has just moved into his very first "own" house in Leeds on Wednesday this week. He called this morning to say the boiler had cut out a couple of times with an error code saying "burner overheat" (different to boiler overheat apparently) - it's one of those combi units of which I have no...
  9. I

    Combi problem

    I'm losing pressure on my Vaillant Ecomax and it's definitely not a pipe leak, so my limited logic/knowledge tells me it must be expansion tank &/or pressure release valve related, and probably more likely the latter. Is there a way to ascertain the problem and if so to fix it, for example...
  10. High-Lo

    COMAND: Combi self-aligned checkbox

    Since I updated my Comand to MY01 the display of some text like NAVI is not centered anymore on my instrument cluster display and is shifted to the right. I checked the service mode (as per Richards excellent site) and in the configuration menu my 'Combi self-aligned' option is no longer ticked...
  11. M

    Combi Antenna GSM/UMTS/GPS/AM/FM

    Hi Is there any one out there who can help me find a cheapish antenna? To cover GSM (quad range) UMTS, GPS and AM/FM I am having so little luck find these all in one antenna the only websites I have found are and they a very...
  12. A

    W124 1990 Indicators and combi removal

    Good evening gents Advice please if poss... I have purchased some clear indicators for the front to give it a slightly later look but dont where to start on how to remove and refit!! Any tips etc will be greatly received How on earth does the dash combi instrument clocks come out!!?? Ive...
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