1. P

    Comfort Box

    Saw one of these on YouTube, and got one. Wizardry. Why are these seemingly less common in the UK?
  2. merc85

    w/s 211 e55k Seats? comfort?

    Please no one shoot me lol, Does anyone else on here find the Dynamic seats harder or less comfortable than the Napia Leather seats in a Normal Avantgarde 211 or is it me? Dont get me wrong they are ok, But i do find it hard to get a decent comfortable position on a longish journey, or am...
  3. Lenny63

    W219 airmatic - won't lower from comfort to sports 1/2

    Plugged into star , no active or Stored faults Any suggestions ? Is there some tests I could get carried out via STAR to narrow down the issue ? It was working fine until recently Regards Lenny
  4. ringway

    Lovely seat covers for comfort and warmth this winter.

    Lovely! :D If they sell a set of those, I'm a Dutchman's uncle. Winter Plush Car Seat Cover for Benz R300 GLK300 GLK350 B200 Vito Viano | eBay
  5. S

    comfort mode jolt

    Hi I usually drive my 2006 W211 220 cdi in comfort mode as I like the lazy shift characteristics. My question concerns when I come to a virtual stop for instance at a roundabout and want to accelerate sharply into a gap. The transmission takes up the drive but then gives a jolt as if its...
  6. S

    W216/W221 Climate Comfort W'screen - Clear Spots for GPS signal

    Hi guys, I have a Merc. CL500 (2013MY, 2014 registered) with climate comfort windscreen (the one that has a slight purple tint to it), and I had tried a friend's road angel for a couple of days, and..... it doesn't get a signal at all. Upon some investigation, it transpires that the infrared...
  7. fabes

    Cabrio Plus comfort roof module

    So I bought the Cabrio-Plus module for the CLK from the German manufacturer cabrio plus Had it fitted today (I managed a folding mirror kit on our Qashqai last year but there's a lot more wires and a complicated Canbus on the CLK) in just over half an hour. I can now open and close the...
  8. D


    My 2003 Fiat was more comfortable than my C200 W204, The cloth seats are awful. Are the leather alternatives any better?
  9. R

    Comfort control module

    I am after advice if part number 1248204826 comfort module can be replaced by 1248203226 comfort module.
  10. G

    2 Viano comfort seats

    2 Light grey leather seats, no head rest, good condition, £100 no offer, buyer collection.
  11. S

    W124 Coupe Comfort Control relay compatibility

    I need to replace the comfort relay, took the case off and all nice and charred inside which might explain the electrical gremlins! Part number is 124 820 32 26 - not many available and expensive I read somewhere that this was superceded by 202 820 09 26 - more readily available. Can...
  12. Pitts Pilot

    Seat Gel Pads improve comfort!

    I had a gel pad installed in the drivers seat base today, and what a difference to the comfort! The SL's seats have never been that comfortable, IMO, and after various attempts to cure the problem with foam cushions, I turned to a professional car upholsterer. I went to C E Moore in north...
  13. D

    Thinking of buying (and tested) a B class -W246 - advice needed about comfort

    Hi to all and many thanks for reading and possibly replying. In my search for a reliable car , I recently tried a W246 B class - sports tourer. I came to the following conclusions about the seats comfort but I would appreciate to have feedback as well. 1. The back seats are very uncomfortable...
  14. AkisGr

    Has anybody any experience with KW Street Comfort coilover system?

    It seems there is no Koni FSD for a mercedes CLS,so i'm gonna have to get a more expensive system unfortunately. From what i read KW street comfort is great for keeping the original comfort ride of the CLS when you lower the car. Anybody knows about KW street comfort coilover system? I'm gonna...
  15. A

    W169 Command 2.5 Bluetooth / comfort phone??

    Dear all We have just bought a 2008 facelift w169 A170. The car has the factory Command 2.5 system installed. The bluetooth refuses to automatically connect to my blackberry, but will do so if the phone is selected from the bluetooth menu. There is also a "comfort phone" option...
  16. adile220

    Bilstein Comfort Shocks

    Hi all, Looking at buying a used set of W124 Bilstein Comfort Shock absorbers - Any clues how they would fare if...
  17. zenman63

    Updating Vito , Viano uhi to comfort phone

    Having taken the good advice from Richard and Alfie, I have swapped the factory fitted phone mount to the latest type comport phone. All good so far, it charges now but I need to return for coding as its not able to connect.
  18. S

    AMG Sports suspension - more comfort ?

    I drive a 2011 C220 CDi AMG Sport estate. I love everything about the car except the ride quality , which is overly firm on our wonderful UK roads. Is there anything I could do to improve the ride quality ? For instance - would changing to a different wheel/tyre combo, with higher profile tyres...
  19. B

    Improving Ride Comfort

    I currently have 255/35 ZR18 (rear) and 225/40 ZR40 (front) on my C 204 Sport. What are the implications of downsizing the wheel size with higher profile tyres? How do I go about it? Ta
  20. D

    Comfort Ventilated Seats

    I've not really had the need to use the cooling feature on my comfort ventilated seats until this last week whilst driving in Italy and South France. I must confess that I'm not all that impressed, so I'm wondering whether they're working properly. When stationary in a quiet environment I can...
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