1. M

    M113k light smoke coming from exhaust

    Hi Hope everyone is doing well, I need some help please. Yesterday I realised slight smoke coming from the exhaust so when I opened the bonnet and removed the engine cover I realised oil residue around the rocker cover. Am I right to assume that the rocker cover is leaking around the seal...
  2. Chas

    Coming back to MB

    Hi folks I'm considering coming back to MB after a few years with Land Rover I'm thinking about a ML 250 BlueTEC , two years old 9,000 . Here is the spec. Is this AMG line or just one with AMG packages , I'm out of touch :o Any comments/advice or potential issues unknown to me...
  3. E350Matty

    PCP coming to an end....

    So my PCP is coming to an end. 2014 E350 Coupe. I'm almost certain that I'm going to purchase the car out right. The latest E class coupe in the 350 variant is just way out of my price range also in my opinion the front and rear end im not to sure about. I'm just not ready to part away...
  4. thebook

    Coming back to MB - E350 CDI Cabriolet

    Evening all, I am looking to come back to the fold and am in the market for an E350CDI convertible. I had an E350 coupe for a few years back in 2009. I currently have a Porsche 997 C4S (which I love) but the kids are struggling to fit in the back... I am looking to spend approx £15k and...
  5. Mr-Goose

    Metal scratching sound coming from rear wheel

    I've had my 2012 E350 Coupe about three or four weeks. I have a sound coming from the rear passenger side wheel. I generally can only hear it when driving at fairly low speeds. At first I though a rogue bit of bodywork was loose and rubbing against the wheel. I've had a look and can't see...
  6. B

    Coming back Home

    I have been a member for several years since I had a W202 of 1995 vintage Great car but cost me so moved away. However I am back. Kept putting it off but recently bought a 2009 B200 (W245) petrol with CVT transmission. I am probably going to need some help in the future. It has covered 45000...
  7. Sonny Burnett

    Very loud noise coming from drivers door W208 CLK55

    Hi guys, Odd one, got my car cleaned today as I'm driving away a very Lound, high pitched noise started to come from my speakers, the drivers door especially, anyone had this issue before? I have uploaded a video of the issue, it does go away if I turn off the stereo. Thanks...
  8. gigdesigns

    New Services Coming 1st June 2017 - Mercedes Me

    I've had an email come through this morning advising of an update to the Mercedes Me terms and conditions. The email states it's in response to new services available from the 1st of June. Just wondering if anybody has any details on what these services might be? I'm really hoping they're...
  9. Jim123

    W123:grating noise coming from the coils?

    Hello, I am a relatively new W123 owner. My car is quite low mileage but it has been in storage for a number of years and barely used. Amongst the problems I am trying to sort out is a ‘raunching/grating noise which comes from the coils (I think) when either stopping sharply or going over a...
  10. J

    Clicking noise coming from ABS pump every time I break!

    Clicking noise coming from ABS pump every time I brake! Right this is driving my insane. I have just finished painting my brake calipers I did it by leaving them attached to the car so there hasn't been any air introduced to the system. Simply detached the calipers from the mounts removed...
  11. tomtoms

    Coming on nicely

  12. B

    Coming to Mercedes

    Morning everyone, After 25 years of BMW owenership, i am determined to move to the dark side as I have always wanted a Merc. My three year ciontract on my 6-series convertible is due to end in the next few months so i am starting to look at leasing prices for a 400 SL. Looking forward to...
  13. C

    advise needed - battery light coming on for W202 1997 C200

    Hi Mercedes Brothers & Sisters! I have a W202 Mercedes, 1997 C200 Classic / Elegance. It's covered 200,000 miles but overall is fairly trusty. Recently the car battery light has started coming on - intermittently. Definitely more likely to happen upon "cold" - first usage of the day. I have...
  14. B

    New touchpad coming to the C Class

    2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class gets new engine and S-Class touchpad | Autocar
  15. mbzclk

    I'm coming back!! What to buy!

    Hi Guys, I sold my CLK back in November (still missed) High Spec facelift 320, but got my asking price and it was Diesel so not long till it's banned from London. I decided to try out PistonHeads idea of bargain motoring and purchased a BMW 330Ci...
  16. M

    Bas/Esp light coming on

    Hi all, I have a W168 170 CDI manual. The Bas/Esp light is coming on, this only happens after first press of brake pedal. I have replaced the brake light switch and have a code of C1201. Does anybody know how I might fix this problem? Brakes ans ABS works fine?
  17. G

    Cooling Fan Coming On straight away

    Hi, New to forum, first post. Got a W203 C200 Estate Kompressor Auto which is fab. Over the last few months the low coolant and refill washer bottle lights have been coming on occasionally but always together. I have read that this maybe connected to the fan now coming on straightaway...
  18. M

    Air-con not coming through centre vents

    Hi On my dad's W202 C180, the air-con works but no air comes from the centre vents. Does anyone know why this might be the case? Could a fuse be blown or something simple? Any help appreciated.
  19. K

    2 Lines Coming From Fuel Pimp

    Guys, One of the pipes popped off the other day and the car conked out. Diesel everywhere! One of the pipes coming off the high pressure fuel pump and into a T piece sheared off. I'm assuming it had snapped before on a previous owner and they done a DIY fix. It kinda goes plastic to...
  20. A

    E63 coming soon

    Hi all, Does anyone know if it would be possible to fit the extra two seats from an e class estate into a e63 e class estate. I don't even know if there is such a thing as a seven seater e63, the one I am getting doesn't have the seven seats and there may be a possibility that I will...
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