1. M

    Update firmware on command NTG 2.5

    Hi I'm trying to work out my best option. On upgrading a command 2.5 I've heard that MB dealers do it free when you qoute this a the service dept TIPS document number GI82.85-P-046208. Has anyone had any success with this is /was there a time limit Also I came across this thread that I...
  2. estate-agent

    Command unit "Mercedes" to "AMG" start up issue.

    Hi All, Hopefully not too dumb a post here. I was browsing youtube and came across instruction on how to make the Sat/Nav turn on with the AMG logo rather than Mercedes. Followed instruction on the Tube from Killerhertz from the forum but it didn't work on my car. His instruction were for a...
  3. G

    W220 2005 s500L Command APS version?

    SO much conflicting information! Okay, so on my 2005 w220 s500L what version of command do I have? it has the more modern post 2003 style, BUT has the head unit cd drive hidden, you press eject and the screen moves up to reveal it. I think it's APS NTG1 BUT most of the others labeled as such...
  4. Gbrowncls55

    NTG1 command question

    I have a 2006 cls (c219) with full command (NTG 1) and Harmon Cardon. This seems to be the same system I had in my 2004 w211 E500. However for all the audio functions (radio/cd/dvd) I only have the ability to balance the sound left to right. there is no facility for a fader front to rear...
  5. M

    FLAC Audio in Music Register Command

    Hi does anyone know if the new burmeister and command system can play audio files in FLAC via the uploading into the Music Register 10GB it could be my conversion and settings are not correct for setting the quality of file conversion ... car is C Class C300 A205 August 2017 convertible premium...
  6. S

    Update Command Sat Nav

    Moving house so with my last service had the Command Sat Nav updated. MB dealer charged me £100, it can only be downloaded from MB, there is no sat nav disc reader in my CLS. Went to view my new home, loads of roads and changes missing :mad: Back to MB to be advised the latest update is...
  7. G

    W220 s500L 2005 - what version of command do I have?

    Been searching everywhere and got confused, what version is this? It has the CD drive hidden behind the screen which moves out the way.
  8. A

    W211 2008 command amp upgrade

    Hi folks Just bought a nice E320 Cdi 2008 model with command but not HK. I'd like to keep the factory headunit for now at least and add an amp and aftermarket speakers and subwoofer. Can anyone advise If the command is powering the standard speakers or if there's an amp in the boot I...
  9. O

    Command don't work CLS 320cdi 2005

    Hey guys, my command has stopped working properly, doesn't work sat nav and CD button is blank (see pic) i was trying to locate the fuse but can't seem to work out witch one is it for a command. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. S

    Mercedes A class W169 command problems not working

    Hi, I have searched everywhere for help with this but can’t find specific guidance for my car. I drive a 2006 plate Mercedes A Class W169 A180 CDI. It’s a great car for doing the daily commute (has all the toys I need like sat nav and Bluetooth etc). So Monday morning I was up early to get to...
  11. F

    Help centre command dead

    hello. i have a lot electric problems with my cl500. any buttons of the center console doesn't work. even the audio system and airconditor are dead.. my batterys went flat since then all centre controls dont work :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  12. G

    c63 update dash and command?

    i have the 12 plate and was wondering if i could update the system from the yellow background to the red and silver background? anyone able to do this as mercedes said they have no firmware that updates the colour of the system.
  13. RickyBurrows

    DVD Player in command?

    I'm not sure which head unit I have in my 2007 211 e320 cdi sport but it's command (whatever that is) and has the SD card slot in the centre, when I play a dvd it goes blank when over 5mph ish but still hear the sound, I know it's there for safety but is there a way to bypass this so I can still...
  14. J

    Comand NTG 2.5

    Hi I have a ML300 with the Command NTG 2.5 which has just stopped playing music cd it plays dvd sound and picture, has anyone had this problem and does anyone have a fix for it thanks.
  15. Johnerz

    iPod issue + Command update (2010 E250)

    Hi I have a 2010 E250 CDI coupe, for music I have a new iPod connected by the cable in the glove compartment. This was working fine until yesterday when the iPod decided to stop work and show the message incompatible when I connected it. I brought the car in March and once I got the...
  16. Gbrowncls55

    2005 sl 350 command nav graphics

    I have a 2005 (55) sl350 with full command. I also have a cls55 with the same system and used to have a 2004 E500 also with the same system. However the nav graphics in both the E500 and cls were / are far far superior to the SL even thoughthey are the same system and the SL between the other...
  17. B

    Command Maps and Navigation Problems

    I recently acquired a 2005 E320 W211, equipped with the Command system and am having some sat nav problems. A new DVD (2016 edition) was installed by the previous owner, in autumn 2016. 1. From time to time I get no map display, other than a message to say it can't read the DVD...
  18. B

    2016 COMMAND discs for 204

    I have 2 Nav packs for sale both containing both discs needed to update command ntg3.5. Genuine MB discs doesn't require an online connection through STAR or a code to activate. First disc is 2014/2015 navigations-dvd Comand APS Part no. 204 827 09 65 version 12.0 compatible with 204...
  19. J

    Parrot to command

    Hi, Newbie here, I've recently purchased ML500, which has command unit but no handsfree installed. I bought Parrot MKi9200, is this compatible with my Bose stereo system.... informed that as fibre optic its unlikely i can use does anyone know if theres a way around this? T.I.A.
  20. M

    iPhone displays on cluster but not command?

    I recently bought a 219 cls with command, when I connect my iPhone or iPod, the track names will appear on the instrument cluster but nothing appears on the command screen. Is this normal?
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