1. Reggie-rock

    E Class Diesel Blue Efficiency, any good for a short commute??

    I am in the market soon (once I have sold my Porsche) to buy a Mercedes CL but like to keep an open mind and look at alternatives, my budget is something like up to £16,000. The E Class coupe Blue Efficiency diesels look tempting while not in the same league as the CL's, they seem good value...
  2. PXW

    My commute

    Driving to the office this morning. Crisp blue skies with a few wispy clouds. Sun just peeking over the top of the Cotswolds escarpment. Frosted fields to right and left, stretching to the hills on one side and the mist covered Severn on the other. Car nicely warmed and creamy smooth. One of...
  3. S

    Indy recommendations in Beds/Herts area - willing to commute

    Hi All I've got a 2008 W211 and am debating whether to stick with MB servicing (as it has a full MB history) or start going indepedant, tempted to try and stick with MB to mantain resale values however at this age not sure if the indy costs will outweigh any increase in resale values. Can...
  4. steve333

    1st commute in new car

    Thought i'd do a comparison between my cls & it's replacement E350cdi on my daily run into London & back(dropping my mrs to work),same route every morning,5.45am start & exactly an hours roundtrip of 26 miles,mixture of 30mph single lane & 40mph carriageways-cls used to average between 20.8 &...
  5. Godot

    An Exciting Commute ?

  6. bigyin1

    Commute with my w124 or get another car?

    Afternoon I'm interested to see everyones opinions on this topic: My w124 has just clicked over 153k miles and when I bought her I knew she would be able to handle my 50-60mile daily commute but didn't buy her intending to do that. I planned to get another little car for circa £500 to...
  7. LeighW

    MPG on the daily commute

    I must say I absolutely hate my crappy commute in the winter. It's only 6 miles, but I seem to do nothing but get stuck behind people who are unable to exceed 40mph when it's dark. I'm sure a large percentage of folks can't see well enough to drive. :mad: That and the fact that the engine...
  8. Steve_Perry

    A funny thing happened on the daily commute today.

    Well it was really cloudy but hot (mid to low 20's C) and sticky today. So I had the air-con on super cold setting with air routed to all the vents. After about 5mins of driving the front windscreen started misting up, close to where the top dash vents blow onto the very bottom of the...
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