1. A

    Vito Compact 111cdi injector removal tool yr 2009

    Hi Guys New to the forum so be gentle. Vito yr 2009 111cdi compact 2148cc Looking for the correct mercedes vito 111 cdi injector removal tool. I have enclosed a pic of the injector in situ.It had the dreaded black death syndrom and have spent two days getting this far.Looking at the correct tool...
  2. KoFidee

    W447 Compact Sport 119 CDI

    Ok so took delivery Thursday Just getting used to the auto box pictures comments and mods will follow in this thread.. so write up to do already just need to do the photos pigeon flew into van (passenger side behind window) a hour ago no damage (phew) to the van of course :doh...
  3. I

    Vito 116 compact sport Dualiner.

    Am looking for a 2014 Silver manual 116 sport Compact. Low mileage and with a high specification. Am based in the New Forest, but will travel for the right one. Thanks Ian.
  4. T

    Vito w639 compact spare wheel issue

    Hi there. Love the w639 Vito. Can't wait to get the next one next week...! Does anyone know if I can replace the full sized spare with a modern merc space saver wheel?? Being RWD I wouldn't want to go miles on a space saver but for camping trips it might help internally a bit! (The other...
  5. U

    Vito Sport 119 crew cab compact

    Hi Looking at purchasing the above, with a few extras inc the light package, anyone purchased similar and happy to let me know what i should be looking at paying?
  6. K

    My 115 Vito Compact

    Here is my van completely standard at the moment but hope to change that in time.
  7. KoFidee

    Vito Sport compact van

    ANY tips bits I should know getting it lined weds adding strip to rear bumper i.e. chrome mirrors yes/no parts to protect door entries etc? your experiences please thxs
  8. KoFidee

    Vito Sport compact the wait is over

    Van landed today atlast pick it up Saturday all being well
  9. ItalianTuneUp

    £50 Nilfisk C110 4-5 PC Xtra Compact High Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner

    Good deal and washer? Looks good to me.
  10. P

    Mercedes Vito Dualiner Compact

    Hi, Ive just taken delivery of a new Vito Dualiner 122cdi X Sport and want a carpet or cover that is made to fit the rear load area. Mercedes only do one that only covers half the load area which would be ideal if you had the 3rd row of seats but I haven't. Ive looked on Ebay any can't find...
  11. Scott_F

    Rare Mercedes Compact Convertible

    1960s Mercedes 300se Pedal Car Barn Find | eBay
  12. Giantvanman

    Wanted for Vito 122 Compact

    It was all too late when I found out but having got my Compact home and found it didn't even come with a wheel brace, never mind a spare wheel and jack. I didn't even think to ask if it did because the loaner I had one………how stupid did I feel? Having tried to have me sign for my new van with...
  13. C240Sport97

    compact camera suggestions

    quite like this (the new Panasonic DMC-XS3): No idea whether it's any good, but like the slim line and uncluttered design. My priorties are: 1. lightweight and small 2. picture quality (especially in low light) 3. ease of use 4. clean and uncluttered design 5. good range of...
  14. developer

    Compact Estate - Epic Fail

    Man, you need an E Class........
  15. K

    Best Value Compact SUV in USA?

    Well our move to Denver is confirmed. The good lady will be going next month to take up a great job with her existing company. It covers Canada and Europe as well so she will be coming home every 2 months and being semi retired I will be able to go over fairly often. Then the plan is for me to...
  16. T

    Road Angel Compact for sale

    Hi Peeps seasons greetings etc. I have a Road Angel Compact for sale with all the bits (screen mount power lead ) it is in perfect working order and is ideal for those with older command as it alerts you to speed cameras average speed areas blackspots congestion zones and other hazards. I want...
  17. A

    My Camera is dead, Looking at a compact for around £150

    Hello My trusty Fuji Bridge camera I think after 4.5years of hard service has taken its last picture :( Its comig on but blue screen, tried all sorts but aving none of it. I think it must have taken litterally 1000's maybe 10,000 pictures so its done well. Its been in sand, water, bottom of...
  18. portzy

    Compact Cassettes?

    Any body got some lying around in their lofts or at the back of their cupboards? I've become a bit of a collector of (preferably) TDK-MAXELL-THAT'S-SONY etc either wrapped/sealed NOS or used/good condition (blanks btw-not commercial recordings) and just wondered whats out there gathering...
  19. B

    Star Diagnosis Compact 3 Battery

    I have a brand new battery for a Star Diagnosis Compact 3 for sale. These are over £200 from MB if you can get one as they do not sell them via dealers. I am looking for £45.00 delivered.
  20. BaldGuy

    Canon Seplhy CP530 Compact Photo Printer

    Brand new un-used and not wanted Canon Selphy CP530 Compact Photo Printer. This came with my point and shoot camera. Pm me..
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