1. B

    Ex company car driver

    As an ex company car driver, insurance co's aren't keen to take into account my previous driving experience in a company car or as a named driver on my wife's car. Currently I have a Triumph Stag which I found no issues insuring as it's a classic car and there are specialist insurers. I'm...
  2. Palfrem

    Robbing gits at insurance company

    Seems the G Wagen insurance will be £40 cheaper this year. How dare they rob me of an opportunity for a long satisfying rant. EDIT - Buggrit, just noticed it's in the wrong section!
  3. Cymruambyth

    Which company?

    Just wondering if there are any recommended companies / forum sponsors who maybe specialise in Mercedes? I rang my ST insurers Greenlight, to get a new quote and they wouldn`t insure me :eek: I`m 50 and got refused insurance haha!!! I even got a price...
  4. RyanMuller

    New Job (which company car?)

    Hi all, I am taking a new job in June which requires 1 day in the office and 4 from home. I'll be doing around 300-400 miles a week and currently the only car I own is my C32 AMG which is pretty thirsty. I'm fortunate enough to get an allowance for a car but I don't know whether to just...
  5. Ben320cdi

    Wheel refurb company?

    Can anyone recommend a good wheel refurbishment company. I am based in East Sussex. I am looking to have one wheel straightened and the full set painted and laser cut. All suggestions welcome.
  6. flat6buster

    company credit checks

    I subscribe to Creditsafe who give me unlimited searches, credit score etc etc. I get updates to monitored companies when anything changes (be that credit score, new accounts, CCJs etc etc) with Creditsafe and that is important to me and I think precludes the use of one-off search packages...
  7. Rosso1

    Internet traffic company Dyn

    I am sure now some of you have had issues connecting to your favorite sites. Hopefully we are going to be ok here though. What site have you had issues with? How bad do you see this issue getting?
  8. jdrrco

    I thought MB and Chrysler had parted company...

    Maybach 62 6.0 S Limousine 4dr Am I the only one who thinks this is hideous? £270k second hand?
  9. R

    W124 - Cabriolet replacement for Company Car.

    Just joined the forum as I am considering buying a W124 Cabriolet to replace my company car when it is due for renewal next year, and want to get plenty of research done. I work from home the majority of the time with business trips about three times a month, usually a 80- 200 mile round trip...
  10. H

    Interior restoration company near M25

    Hi ALl, I accidentally posted this in the parts section as I need to replace some bits but I wanted to know if anyone has used a good interior restoration company? I want to sort the following- Front seat leather faded and scuffed Centre armrest cover looks like its been poked a thousand...
  11. JB1984

    Need a wrapping company recommendation - Essex/East Ldn

    Am looking to get the wrap on my matte white C63 DR520 AMG refreshed (front and rear bumpers only) - can anyone recommend from experience a decent wrapping firm in either East London or Essex please. My main concern is that the front bumper with all the vents and intricate curves needs to be...
  12. Scooby_Doo

    My E class is back and the BMW 3 has been returned to the rental company..

    Had my C207 back today after a month in the bodyshop, very pleased with the result , well done to Sinclair Garages Bodyshop in Gorseinon. I've had a BMW 3 series Touring as a courtesy car for the past month and it wasn't until I'd driven my car back home that I realised why I really hadn't...
  13. m2287

    Getting a company car, what should I do with my AMG?

    I'm getting a boring company car, a seat Leon! Do I keep my CL55 as a toy, I may use it once a week, it only costs £60 a month to tax and insure... I've had it for 6 years, done around 120k in it and it's pretty much worthless as it has 260k on the clock even though it's still in pretty...
  14. MOR8A

    Clear coat on alloy damaged by tyre company, what would you do?

    Had 2 new tyre valves fitted today and in the process one of the alloys has sustained a light amount of damage to the clear coat on the diamond cut face of the alloy. Although it no damaged the alloy itself we all know the implications this will have to this already troublesome alloy finish and...
  15. C

    MB Connect which lease company

    As I am having a few ups and downs with Lex at the moment. Just wondered which if any of members business lease companies have allowed the connected services. Thanks
  16. D

    Company car tax (trading up)?

    Hi all, I have a new job which comes with a company car. Unfortunately, the car scheme is different to what I am used to so I am trying to work out what my costs will be. I know how company car tax is calculated but how is it calculated when you 'trade up'? I can contribute towards the cost of...
  17. nickjonesn4

    Insurance company for modified car

    Has anyone got any good options. Ours looks expensive
  18. L

    Despair with Insurance Company

    Almost 1 year ago, my son (a named driver on my policy) was signalling to turn into a side road and was positioned at the white lines opposite the side road when a car traveling quickly came up from behind on the RH side. It proceeded to swerve round my son's car, hit a kerb, went through a...
  19. T

    Personal or Company Lease Advice

    My Colleague director is considering leasing a Mercedes GLA One of the questions is Personal lease Deal ... or .... Our company leases it , he then makes the lease payments that he would have made to the company ....... Company Benefits as lease offsett against Company tax ? He Benefits as...
  20. merc85

    Vito Finance, Company or PCP

    Be gentle as im pretty new to all this sort of stuff. After some advice, I have a Small Motor Factor business of which i own 50% of and are Vat registered. My wfe has a Nissan Quashqui which the PCP is coming to a end soon, We do have enough to pay the vehilce off and keep if we wish. We are...
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