1. whizzkid11

    FOR SALE: HP Compaq Laptop

    I have a laptop for sale due to go onto ebay, so if anyone is interested it is: HP Compaq NX7010, Intel Centrino M (1.7Ghz) 15.4" Widescreen WXGA TFT 512Mb RAM 40Gb HDD, Ati Radeon 9200 Graphics, JBL Pro stereo speakers built-in, Bluetooth, WLAN, Fixed LAN, PM me if anyone is...
  2. S

    Apple iBook and HP Compaq Tablet PC for sale

    The tablet PC is an HP Compaq TC1000. It's got a 1Ghz processor and 768mb RAM, and a 30gig hard drive. It's also got 802.11b wireless built in, and a 56k built-in modem. Oh and a 10/100 network port also. Um... USB2, Compact flash ports (handy if you want to plug in a GPS module), and the...
  3. WLeg

    Compaq M700 - Broken - HELP!

    Does anyone know where this wire goes ??? When you power up lights flash, but no display - not even an flicker. Nothing to an external monitor either. It was working, upgraded form W2k SP2 > SP4, then during reboot, after 2yr old "moved" it off table, nothing....... Any ideas ?
  4. jukie

    Compaq laptop CD-ROM

    Suitable for all Armadas. possibly other model ranges too. It's internal but has the cradle to go into the large ArmadaStations. It does not include the cradle to allow external connection via the parallel port. I believe it is 24-speed. Cost is P&P only, which is to be determined. I have no...
  5. jukie

    Compaq Armada M700 laptop

    PIII 600Mhz, 256Mb ram, 6Gb hard drive, on-board modem & NIC, 24-speed CD drive, Floppy, Targus carry case, AC Adapter. Good working order, had a very easy life!! XP Pro installed. I have a docking station for it too, which I will "throw in" for nothing more save the additional postage. £55...
  6. A

    Thanks to Compaq for sorting this one out for me!

    See their response..... :D
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