1. lisa110rry

    Compare legal drink driving levels in the UK with Illinois, USA

    Hello folks, I'm going 'home' in June for a walk down memory lane in my Uni town and home town in Illinois in a month or so. Tonight I've been trying to check the legal drink driving level in my home state, but I'm confused. The Illinois level is 0.08%. The U.K. level speaks of microgrammes...
  2. MOR8A

    W211 E55K & W212 E63 BT PPP, How they compare.

    So I will copy below what I wrote after one day of ownership on another thread (to save me typing it all again) and will try to keep adding until I can't find anything else to add. Well I have only had the car one day so its a bit early to tell all the differences (obviously). The standard...
  3. D

    Compare the comparison sites?

    I've always felt as though the comparison sites needing their own comparison sites...:confused: BBC News - Switching sites hiding best energy deals, claims rival Could be bad publicity if this story gets wind behind it...
  4. G

    How does your garage compare?

    One can only dream...
  5. K

    SL500 - How good is it and what kind if cars would you compare it to?

    hey everyone i am looking to buy a car used looking at the SL500 2004/2005 How good a car do you think you think it is and what are its rivals what are the pros and cons of the SL500 Would love to hear your views as MB experts thanks a lot in advance
  6. B

    M3, how does it compare to C63?

    Has anyone owned one? Im not interested in which one is better or worse just some honest views on general day to day living with one: Fuel consumption Tyre wear Build quality Front end, understeery/direct? More importantly ride quality, how do both compare with bumpy roads? Thanks
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Co Compare

    I hate to say it after the appalling advertising campaigns, but for the 1st time in my life I used a comparision website and knocked nearly half off my renewal cost! :bannana::bannana::bannana: They directed me a fairly large company who would insure me with my mods: AMG etc etc and not cost...
  8. K

    Compare the meerkat videos

    Outtakes :)
  9. Howard

    Compare the Meerkat

    Has anyone seen the advert with the Russian meerkat moaning that people are messing up his website because they are looking for the insurance site and not his Well , i just went to and it is actually there , a spoof site set...
  10. Thmsshaun

    Compare Your Cars

    Not sure where to post. May well want moving into Usefull Web sites. Compare technical data 0-60 times etc
  11. R

    SLK - How does it compare ?

    Hello people - Last November I wrote off my Honda S2000 and since then have been wondering what to replace it with. Although I really like the new SLK it's a bit far out of my price range so I have been considering the old SLK. I'm looking to spend 20-25K but not until later this year. Has...
  12. Steve_Perry

    Power Mercs - 4Car compare old & new AMG's

    Old V8 Kompressor power versus new 6 lite V12's S.
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