1. M

    What influences your preference towards Mercedes (e.g. compared to Audi/BMW)?

    Hello everyone, one thing is certain: different people have different preferences concerning cars. You all have made a decision in favour of the brand Mercedes. I was intrigued by the question which factors influence peoples‘ preferences towards specific car brands and how brand images are...
  2. D

    300 CE Mpg compared with E280 estate

    Hi, I have to change to an estate as need the room- I wonder can I expect more mpg from the estate or less- the CE is 1989, estate is 1995 Thanks
  3. pjs

    Comical 'lift' fail from MB compared to BMW

    Took my car to local dealer today ( more later) and they generously offered me a lift home. Chauffeur rolled up in a branded diesel smart car. What a crock of ****. He's done 8000 miles already this year running customers about and is really embarrassed. The smart car was awful by the way...
  4. J

    W114 compared to the W123

    Hi folks, ive had a few w123's as my daily cars in the past and found them to be great. Reliable, comfortable, cool. Thinking about getting a w114 now but never driven one. Can anyone tell me how they compare to the 123? Would they be comfortable/reliable enough to use everyday and clock up...
  5. Charles Morgan

    This place is an ocean of sanity compared to

    this Pokemon thread.
  6. graeme73s

    Brabus Smart Old and New Compared

    How is that a manufacturer can make many improvements to their latest incarnation of the Smart Car yet screw up on not retaining the better bits from the earlier design. Overall the new Brabus is a much better drive over the old. In truth if I had to use the new car daily I could live with it...
  7. gIzzE

    Speedo dials too bright compared with radio etc.

    I want to get the brightness of the speedo, fuel, oil temp. dials to dim a bit so that they match the radio and heating dials. I find that the dials on he speedo etc. are too bright, but when I dim them to a nice level (around half) I can no longer see the radio/heating controls etc. I was...
  8. T

    BMW 318i Compared to W202 C240

    My father is considering either buying a C240 (W202) or a BMW 318i. Of course I would much prefer him to have a C240 (like mine!) but I wondered what the views of the forum would be? I think they are both great cars!
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