1. AMGeed

    Comparison Websites + renewal

    OK, so this has been covered plenty of times before, but just wanted to post my experience after receiving this years renewal premium from Hastings Direct. Last year, I paid £282 fully comp, missus included with protected NCB on the E55. So I knew that IPT had increased on 1st June, so...
  2. J

    Starting off with a DB9 comparison

    Hi, so I picked up my new to me C63 coupe a month ago and thought I'd share my experiences. I previously had a BMW Z4MC, an amazing drivers car and I could talk about its virtues all day long but to compare the two is apples and oranges. Instead I'm lucky enough to have extensive use of a MY2008...
  3. G

    E Class comparison

    I thought I would take this opportunity to do a comparison check(my view) between my own E350 2010 and the E220d 2016 I have as a courtesy car. My own is a lot older but only has 35k on it. I put it into my local dealer to get the heated seat fixed and it has turned out to be bigger job than...
  4. N

    Annual BB & home phone comparison shop.

    Well, it's that time again. My EE contract is up soon & they've sent me a new 'non contract mug' monthly bill twice as high as the expiring deal. With unlimited LL calls, 1000 mins of mobile & line rental the best new deal I can find is with TalkTalk (shudders) & their SimplyBroadband deal -...
  5. R

    Is there a good indie comparison site - is motorcodes good?

    these guys have teamed up with AA - sounds like a merger more than independent review have you guys used motorcodes?
  6. N

    Comparison shop your utility bills NOW!

    Last year I signed up for Cheap Energy Club - Constantly save on Gas and Electricity & this morning I got an email saying the gas & electricity deal I had taken out 5 months ago could be bettered. I clicked through & found the deal I had taken in August 2014 could be beaten by 25% by the same...
  7. ferg f

    mpg comparison

    Quick question to e250 owner's, car was delivered about six weeks ago now and clocked up 1800 miles which has returned 44 mpg. Seems good to me and better than expected considering the engine will still be tight. How does that compare to others?
  8. D

    Compare the comparison sites?

    I've always felt as though the comparison sites needing their own comparison sites...:confused: BBC News - Switching sites hiding best energy deals, claims rival Could be bad publicity if this story gets wind behind it...
  9. ioweddie

    Amazing comparison of london 1945 and now in pictures
  10. D

    Auto car - m4 and c63 597 quick comparison

    Autocar pretty much sum it up for me: BMW M4 vs. Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Car Video | Autocar
  11. I

    C200 or C220 Diesel W204 MPG comparison

    I am looking to change my W204 C220 Diesel. I'm told that the C220 does a better mpg than the C200 Diesel - does anyone know if that's true? thanks Ian
  12. N

    C32 Dyno Graph Comparison

    For some reason I've been leafing through my cars dyno graphs..........suddenly realising that last year when Jerry fine tuned the car on the rollers he ran the dyno in shootout all you other C32 owners out there, mines not a freaky 406hp monster, it's actually the same as all...
  13. D

    De-chrome or not??? half done with comparison pics

    Last night I decided to have ago at de chroming my black cl55 and I managed half before it was to dark to finish. what's peoples thoughts? The blacked out side Chromed side Half and half on the front (main badge will be done too) Another thing the (not to everyone's...
  14. C240Sport97

    PCP costs comparison: R231 SL500 and BMW435i

    MB has a 0% interest free deal at the moment, with deposit contribution of £3650. Best deal I have been offered so far: SL500 list price with options: £83,000 deposit: £6000 36x: £950 Total payable: £40,200 BMW Select, figures from New Cars | Award Winning Luxury Cars 2013 | BMW 435i...
  15. Gh3382

    Tyre comparison report.

    I came across this and dont know if its been posted but might be useful for those indulging in buying new tyres. Tyre Test 2012: Britain's top tyres tested | Auto Express gh3382
  16. I

    Probably the most accurate Fuel Consumption Comparison Figures anywhere!

    Overview: Mercedes-Benz - E-Klasse - Only in The Fatherland!! Browse by model, browse by make. It even has trucks on there. It's in litres per 100km - not too difficult to work back - or google the calculator! Some very interesting LPG results. Cheers, Paul
  17. D

    Comparison of fuel consumption

    How would the consumption of a 2010 C350cdi compare to my 12 year old C220cdi? Much worse, slightly worse, roughly the same? I really need to get another Merc and I like these a lot. The last couple of times I checked my 220cdi over two tanks of fuel it came in at about 38mpg the first time and...
  18. K

    Steering comparison

    I hadn't realised how light the steering is at low speed in my new C250Cdi coupe until I drove the missus's 57 reg C200k coupe this morning. It honestly felt like it didn't even have power steering! I actually got out after 100yds to see if it had a puncture. Anyone else experienced this ?
  19. Jukie

    Mobile 'phone opsys comparison

    Some may find this useful:
  20. grober

    Uk tyre price comparison site

    Yes folks they've done it with insurance, electricity and gassuppliers, bank account rates and electrical goods. Now here is the first [I think??] online tyre comparison site. NOT ALL SUPPLIERS ARE INCLUDED OF COURSE :doh: but a good cross section are there. The Tyre Price Comparison Site -...
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