1. PeterC280

    W204 C280 Sport Fuel comparisons

    First 12 months and car runs well. No measurable benefit from Shell V-Power though, in fact 95 Octane best and worst!? A little better overall than I anticipated. ----- Miles Gallons MPG Fuel Type ______ Period ----- 1884 66.19 28.46 Shell V-Power Summer - Autumn...
  2. simon1966

    Wheel / Tyre Weight Comparisons

    Hi All I thought it may be worth starting some form of reference guide to the weights of various wheels and tyres fitted to our cars. Not all will be interested in this but some will (like me), I wish this information was available when I was looking at changing my wheels and increasing...
  3. s88

    Museum comparisons

    Can anyone give an opinion on the merits of the car museums around Munich please? MB, Audi and BMW? Unbiased opinions please. I dont think I have time to visit them all and would prefer the one with the best cars and better history. Many thanks, S
  4. Satch

    Fatuous Comparisons

    Every so often somebody comes up with a “Best versus Worst in class” comparison. Fair enough, some vehicles are utter sheds on wheels whilst others are sublime So this caught my eye in What Car: The best and worst – fuel consumption. OK thinks I, that might be helpful. Until I read this bit...
  5. crockers

    Car Comparisons

    Hi found this on the Honda website - quite a useful tool Car Comparisons
  6. T

    W124, W202 and W203 estate car size comparisons

    Hi There, I'm looking at moving on my w124 230TE as its getting a little too prone to faults. I fancy another W124 estate but wondered about a c-class estate. I use me estate to carry 'stuff' quite often as well as 4 greyhounds. Anyone know the difference in size between the W124 and...
  7. M

    Merc performance comparisons?

    Does anyone know of a site that lists or compares the performance of various used MB models? I am particularly interested in the various CLK and E-Class variations.
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