1. D

    Engine compartment tidy up

    Hi, I have an SL55 and I noticed that there are a few areas of what looks like surface rust on the body inside the engine compartment. Also one of the brackets holding a tank has rusted. This could be replace I think. Also the top covers seem to have some surface corrosion and don't look as...
  2. CLSMark

    W219 glove compartment light

    Was changing to led's stuck said Led in, it lit up, so all was well... Just noticed it has stopped working, I've fiddled about with it, even tried the original bulb. But it's gone dead? Any ideas anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. A

    Clk 209 vert compartment hinges

    Need two of these if poss A2097500521 I think that's the part number it might have changed Mercedes want around £154 each :dk:
  4. X

    R172 dash cam wiring (with power from arm rest / storage compartment)

    Hi all! I've just ordered a Mobius 1 (the wide-angle C2 model) action cam to record my trip up to Scotland to do the NC500 route in my SLK350 over five days next week. I don't plan to use the camera as a traditional "dash cam" - I want to capture the scenery and, from watching various videos...
  5. I

    Cables and connectors in glove compartment

    I have these 2 lots of cables in my glove compartment of my recently purchased c180 kompressor coupe 56 plate. Could anyone advise what they are for. Kind regards
  6. Norte23

    Boot / luggage compartment kit

    Had my car now nearly two weeks & looked in the boot under the floor & noticed there are some empty spaces in the mouldings. The manual shows some sort of luggage securing device. Does anyone use them & can anyone show me some pics of them please. Mark
  7. B

    Audio Aux in glove compartment

    I have a second hand 2011 B180 W245 with an audio aux jack 3.5 connection in the glove compartment. What type of lead do I need to connect (how many connectors)? and what can I connect via this lead? Sorry if these have obvious answers but I am a pensioner not too up to date with technology...
  8. L

    Mercedes E Class S212 - Glove compartment light

    Hi All, I wanted to ask about the glove compartment light in my 2012 Mercedes E Class S212. I have noticed it goes on after opening the compartment until but once is fully open the light goes off. Is there any light switch that could fail? I will appreciate your advice. Thanks, Lukas
  9. Herishi

    W211 with ntg 2.5 cd changer compartment

    Sorry this isn't in the electronics section but I can't create a post there on my phone. I have upgraded to ntg2.5 and have lost the "secret compartment" where the cd changer sometimes goes. Has anyone found a way to get the drawer working again? I am an electronics engineer by trade so I...
  10. S

    SL500 (2003) Glove compartment closure problem

    I have an ongoing problem with the glove compartment closure: it appears to close properly, but sometimes the light stays on. A hard slam of the door effects a temporary fix, but it's become annoying. An MB repairer has already a go at sorting this, but told me that the permanent fix may have...
  11. Borys

    Mercedes w215 rear storage compartment

    In black anthracite Thanx
  12. J

    W209 Soft Top Compartment Hinge

    Cleaning the car the other day, found a piece of broken moulded plastic in the boot drainage channel. Turns out is was a plastic moulding, part of the Soft Top Compartment Offside Hinge. Researching on the net, one US MB forum stated that the plastic part is there to support the lid in an open...
  13. E

    Device in the battery compartment w203

    Hello everyone, i was wondering if someone could help me find out what does the device ( module) that is located in the upper right area of the battery compartment is used for, i found a cable near it that wasn't attached to the connector and before replacing it i was hopping that someone...
  14. CLK2014

    CLK W209 glove compartment/gloveblox

    I really need a new glove compartment. The latch on mine broke so the door doesn't stay up and shut. Annoying because apparently I need a whole new glove box because of that thing. Anybody know where I can get a used one??? :dk:
  15. sherco450

    vito spec compartment thingy

    kids bought me a pair of sun glasses . First pair l might add. Excited as l can be , l have a storage area in the Vito l say. Well you can only get some look over reading frames in there. Completely useless . l guess lt will be useful to store some gum.:confused:
  16. M

    Sunglasses compartment R129 500Sl

    Hi again. Another drama. Last night I opened the top interior compartment on the centre console of my 500SL (called sunglasses compartment I think) and now it won't shut, seems the latch where the button is won't grab. Has anyone had this problem before, and is it easy to fix? Or should...
  17. B

    S212 Luggage Compartment Cover - Help

    I have just purchased a 3 year old E Class Estate - 350 cgi - a fantastic car with a real peach of an engine. However, I'm struggling to completely remove the luggage compartment cover and wondered if any owners could give me some pointers - for example is there a knack? The left hand side...
  18. S

    Cd player in the glove compartment wont eject

    Any ideas how i can eject the cd holder. It wont eject when i press the eject button.
  19. P

    2 LEDs in armrest compartment w211

    Hi I have 2 orange/yellow led bulbs in the bottom armrest storage compartment any ideas what these are for?
  20. astamir

    W211 estate luggage compartment cover problem

    Hi guys Got a problem with luggage compartment cover on my 2004 w211 estate The problem is its supposed to go up and down when u open and close the boot Is there any hidden way to switch it on and off? Thanks
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