1. T

    towbar for S211 E320 sport compatability

    Hi all, been looking on ebay for a towbar and most say they have only been tested on single exhaust cars or not for sports models, yet looking online at other towbar specialists they only mention not suitable for E63 AMG, has anyone fitted one to a sport model without any problems, can't really...
  2. B

    Roof bars s211/s212 compatability?

    Does anybody know if there is any difference between the MB roof bars for the S211 and S212 models?
  3. S

    Motor Compatability

    Have a 1981 300CD with blown motor. Have found a turbo diesel from a 1979 300SD. Will this motor fit into the 1981 coupe.
  4. K

    C class w204 front wings compatability?

    Hi, Been in the trade for many years. Just bought a 2012 facelift c180 with minor-ish damage to front n/s corner. Needs a new wing. Been to the usual aftermarket panel suppliers and they only list the 2007 - 2011 model with the less curvy headlights. I've tried comparing the two cars and without...
  5. H

    722-6 gearbox oil compatability?

    I am about to change the oil in my 2001 CLK autobox I have just brought 5 litres of MB oil part number A001 989 68 03 11 and I already have some oil I brought 3 yrs ago part number A001 989 21 03 10, they are both red and seem to be the same stuff, but are they compatable?
  6. paulgorringe

    Exhaust compatability

    Hi All Can anyone say for certain if a CLK55 exhaust will fit my CLK500? Link to exhaust in question 2003 W209 MERCEDES CLK 55 AMG 5.4 LITRE PETROL CAT BACK EXHAUST SYSTEM | eBay Is it a straight swap or are modifications and/or welding required? Thanks in advance to anybody who responds to...
  7. jeffwebb

    Dlink Compatability.

    I have recently changed from Virgin to BT for my broadband and am distinctly unimpressed with the Home Hub. Does anyone know if I can use a Dlink DSL-320T adsl modem instead. Regards, Jeff.
  8. D

    M111xyz engine compatability / interchangable ?

    Hi, I have an SLK 230K R107 1997 R Reg with a dodgy engine ( M 111 973) One of the cylinders is kaput .... low compression. Replacement M 111 972 engines are prohibitively expensive, given the modest value of the car. I was wondering if it is possible to use the engine block off a C180 ( M...
  9. Frankie

    w210 manual gearbox compatability

    I doubt it's something I can really afford to do. In theory,which engines will mate up to a manual gearbox as in my E230?
  10. Druk

    Viseeo 1000/ Nokia compatability?

    Anyone successfully running a Nokia E71 through a Viseeo 1000 bluetooth unit in an S211? Ta.
  11. L

    HTC Desire Compatability

    Hi After searching this forum I would really like to try the Bury cc9060, as it is thought of quite highly on here. However it is not listed as compatable with the HTC Desire. My question is: Is anyone using HTC Desire with cc9060, or can anyone confirm proper compatability with this phone...
  12. M

    radiator compatability e200

    hi all, just bought an e200 elegance, 2000 "v" reg, auto, petrol, it needs coolant radiator and air con radiator, been offered both, but they are off a 1994 w124 e 200 automatic, does anyone know if they are compatable? if not has anyone got a pair of rad's i can buy? thanks in advance mark
  13. P

    cd multi changer compatability

    hello,ive a 2002 (52 plate)e270 cdi,with the usual,i think 50 aps ,how can i find what multi changer will be compatable,,thanks piperdog
  14. M

    DPT Tuning box compatability

    Probably for Oliver - BlackC55 but if anyone else knows... Anyone have a list of compatible models / engines that the DPT tuning box will fit straight onto ? Reason is, I have one on my 2007 C220cdi (W203) and am about to sell it. Also would the settings be the same on these other models ...
  15. EDZ649

    124 lockset compatability

    Not sure where to post this but here goes anyway. I am currently breaking a 1992 300e 24v. Does anyone know if the locks including the ignition barrel will fit an earlier car i.e. 1986, 200e? Were there any quirky modifications made to early 90's cars? Thanks, Leigh.
  16. S

    Audio 20 compatability

    I've got a A209, with a broken CD player (everything works, it's just that the CD loading mechanism has been broken by my 2 year old inserting a number of 2p coins into the slot... :wallbash:) I'd like a replacement - and as MB want in the region of £500-700 I've looked at ebay. There are a...
  17. Chattonmill

    TV Tuner Compatability HDD & APS

    One for Alfie or Richard probably. I have a TV tuner in my S211 2003 as well as a digi tuner, I am looking at a 2009 S211 with HDD Comand, would these items be cross compatable?:confused:
  18. The Dent Guy

    BT SAP compatability with Windows Mobile devices

    I've been doing some signifcant research (without any luck so far) into the compatability issue between the SAP puck (V2) and any device running Windows Mobile. I was hoping to change my old and tired Nokia N73 running Tomtom 6, for a new HTC Touch running Tomtom 7. I know i could swap my SAP...
  19. P

    Phone compatability

    Just found this MB guide to phones and cradles and compatibility with the different bluetooth adaptors - OK so it's in German - but the pictures are fairly idiot proof! Thought it might be useful!
  20. pilotc182

    HFP Puck & Phone compatability

    Just a word of warning to all. Sony Ericsson W980 only 'holds' a conversation for about 60 seconds before disconnecting using the HFP (Black) MB Bluetooth puck. Does anyone hold a 'compatability' database ? MB's is always about 12 months behind current 'phone models
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