1. T

    what version maps are compatable ntg1

    I have a 56 plate E320 with ntg1 comand system, the car came without the map dvd, can I get latest discs or will the comand system need updating to run latest ones? I have no idea on firmware version it has and when I tried maps it didn't work so wondering if I need older version to get it...
  2. D

    210 38 pin compatable diag tool

    im looking for a diag scanner for 38 pin e55 210 that can connect to airbag, esp, engine etc have had a bad experience with a supplied Chinese carsoft that hopefully will get a refund for, so will have some funds available soon. Will try another one or even a star at the right price if it can be...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Headunits compatable with a CLK

    Ive heard Apine make headunits which are compatable with the CLKs dashboard, do other makes make them? Can you recommend a good site which shows the models?
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