1. S

    W204 mmi - iPhone 7 issue/ compatibility

    Hi all, Hope someone can give me some insight on the command interface if the w204 C class is iPhone 7 compatible or if not is there a software update that can make it compatible as I am having an issue with the car not charging or recognising my iPhone. Is this common? Thanks in advance
  2. CleanShirt

    E270 / E320 Compatibility

    Hi Guys, i'm a new member so forgive me if i'm in the wrong place. I want to give my 2002 E270 cdi Avantgarde an all round face lift. Projector lights, front and back bumper, and 20 inch rims. if i ordered lights and bonnet emblem for an E320 of same year would they fit my E270. ? As some...
  3. D

    W208 and W203 front wing compatibility

    Hi All, haven't posted much, been more of quiet info gatherer :thumb: Can anyone tell me if a 2001 - 2007 W203 front fender will fit my 1999 w208 clk 320? Had a little bit of a fender bender and looking to replace it. cheers Deals :thumb:
  4. M

    NTG1 new maps compatibility?

    Just got for my wife e320 07 plate. It has the NTG1 and 07 maps. I would like to buy the new v17 and my question is. Would I have to update the NTG1 first for the new maps to work or will they work fine? Thanks
  5. V

    R129SL 1997 - mirror glass compatibility

    so, some nasty person smashed my driver's side mirror off yesterday. i've managed to fix the mirror housing, but i now need a replacement glass. the car is a facelift SL with heated and powered mirrors, but not folding. the heating element is a 2-pin rectangular connector rather than the...
  6. Felstmiester

    C63 Facelift and pre facelift coupe or saloon parts compatibility

    Not sure if there's been a post that's covered this or if it's ever been set in concrete? I've seen carbon goodies for sale online in the past and often wondered what will fit what. And how much difference there is between say a coupe rear spoiler and a saloon. Front splitters, rear...
  7. J

    W211 / W212 space saver compatibility

    I have acquired a W212 with 225/50R17 alloys and no spare wheel (the AdBlue tank occupies the space saver recess). I'm thinking abou getting a space saver and have been offered a W211 unit which has the part number 2194000002. Any help with the compatibility of the w211 / W212 space saver...
  8. D

    US Xenon compatibility

    Could anyone please let me know if the USA Xenon headlamp for my W212 2010 would be compatible? Thank you in advance
  9. jacksona

    NTG 2.5 SD card compatibility

    Hi All, I've searched the forums, and been unable to find a definitive answer to what size, format and type of SD cards are compatible with NTG 2.5, with the latest (09/29) firmware... :wallbash: I gather this firmware allows "larger than 2gb", which implies FAT32 is an acceptable format...
  10. andy27168

    CLS Command IPOD Compatibility

    Hi, I have a CLS55 AMG 55 Plate (MY 06) with Command DVD slot up front (without SD Card slot) Navi Processor in the boot, I have retro fitted an MB IPOD interface bought from Commandonline in the glove box using my IPOD Classic. My IPOD Classic has now failed so I am looking to replacing it...
  11. M

    W211 Gearbox compatibility question

    The 5 speed auto gearbox on my 2005 E320CDI (W211) has likely packed up. Have been offered a gearbox from a W210 with a 90 day guarantee Mine is 722.626 06 17274 Donor car is 722.626 02 662541 Question is can I put the box from the W210 into my car and if so are there any other issues/...
  12. C

    smartphone compatibility

    I have a E220 CDI SE 2013 (W212) My Samsung Galaxy Fame works with the bluetooth but wont download contacts or show messages. I am thinking of getting a HTC Desire 510 as the MB site shows the 500 as beinf fully compatible. Anyone know if the 510 is also?:cool:
  13. M

    E320cdi gearbox compatibility question

    Can anyone tell me if an auto gearbox from a W210 E320cdi will fit in my W211 E320cdi. As far as I know they are both 722.6 type gearboxes but are there any compatibilty issues or is it a straight swap? Thanks in advance.
  14. modelman093

    Nokia compatibility.

    Not much of a mobile user and have been quite happy with a bottom of the range Nokia that talks to the Audio 20 system in my W205 C Class. Phone died and today bought a Nokia 108 which despite my efforts and those of one of the guys at Ashford MB failed to pair. The phone says that it can see MB...
  15. samuelsmiles

    Engine compatibility. 1981 Mercedes W123 .

    Hello. The engine on my '81 W123 (2.0 petrol) has major damage so my mechanic suggested getting a complete replacement engine. I have just bought an engine from a '79 W123 but have just realised the engine is not identical. Mine was a M102 and I have just paid for a M115. Is this a relatively...
  16. Somebody

    OM615 vs OM617 compatibility

    Hello. So somebody told me that the OM615 and OM617 are so similar that they are basically interchangeable. So if you have say a car running a OM615, a OM617 will fit on the same mounts, fit on the same transmission and fit the 615 flywheel to use your old clutch or torque converter etc...
  17. S

    W124 Coupe Comfort Control relay compatibility

    I need to replace the comfort relay, took the case off and all nice and charred inside which might explain the electrical gremlins! Part number is 124 820 32 26 - not many available and expensive I read somewhere that this was superceded by 202 820 09 26 - more readily available. Can...
  18. Bellow

    Grease compatibility.

    NOTE to MODS. I wanted to post this in Projects but I am denied access. Will you move to their please? A poorly understood subject frequently over looked is grease compatibility – and with potentially very bad outcomes. The compatibility of one grease with another is by no means a given...
  19. S

    W124 Indicator Stalk Compatibility

    Hi, I need a new stalk as the wipers are not functioning correctly. I have checked the relay and this is ok. Are the stalks all the same for the W124? I have an E220 Coupe. Thanks
  20. L

    engine compatibility

    hello guys I am a new member from Kenya and would like to know if its possible to use a half engine of a M104 3.2l (head) and half engine of a M104 2.8l?
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