1. H

    Roof bars compatible with S203 and S204?

    Hi, I have just purchased some roof bars and a roof box for my S204 but apparently the bars are from an S203. Could anyone let me know if they'll fit or if they're different please? Many thanks in advance.
  2. J

    Lycra and Manners do not seem compatible

    I'm a cyclist (but not at the moment - the hernia repair has failed) so I was driving along a route I often cycle, where the road is quite narrow and there is a level crossing. I was stopped at the gates waiting for a couple of trains to cross, when I noticed two MAMIL'S cycle up to the front...
  3. MickyP64

    W169 A-Class Compatible Wheel Size

    Being a novice at this kind of thing I’m trying to work out if it’s possible to fit AMG Type III wheels from and SLK200 onto and A200 Turbo and what the pros and cons might be – the AMG’s that come standard on the A200T are 18x7 all round, I think the equivalent ones on the SLK are 18x7.5 front...
  4. M

    w211 E200CDI pre facelift, are these oilfilters compatible?

    The original Mahle OX 153 and Bosch P 7001 replacement. Mahle has metal cover at both ends, with rubber seal. Bosch is made of some kind of plastic foam. Total height is the same for both filters.
  5. J

    Head Units Compatible with R129 Becker (under rear seat) Amplifier

    Dear all I'm a newbie SL500 r129 1998 owner and have quick question. My car has the becker mercedes branded 'Special' Radio Cassette with boot mounted CD multi changer linked thru to the Becker Mid / Woofer Amp under the rear seats. Are there any other head units available which are more...
  6. portal_96

    W204 compatible alloys - is offset critical?

    I'm looking to buy a set of winter tyres and cheap wheels. MB quoted me 1400 for a set of 17 inch with dunlops but i wanted to shop about. I've found many sets online that say they fit the car perfectly but most are a 7.5jx17 45 ET, i note the manual recommends an offset of ET47. What would be...
  7. T

    W211 6-CD changer, MP3 compatible

    I've now removed my CD changer and am offering it up for sale on the fora for a few days before going to eBay. This is the pop-out 6-CD changer that hides behind the hazard switch panel on the W211. Part number is A2118706189, and is from my post-facelift car - one of the first facelift 211s...
  8. K

    compatible wheels

    Hi All, Does the new E class wheels has the same offset and PCD as the latest C class(W204?) Thanks in advance. Kin
  9. W

    Android compatible radios

    I'm looking for a new radio to replace the audio 10 in my s210. Thinking of an android compatible radio that can connect to my android phone by usb or bluetooth. Has anybody any experience (recommend or avoid) with these?
  10. Stig2082

    Brabus D6 III - confused about what is compatible - help..

    OK, so I have a 08 CLS 320cdi and would like to fit a Brabus D6III to it, but would rather not pay full dealership prices which are over £1500. As my car is over 2 years old and has done more than 40k miles, then the warranty offered if they are fitted by a dealer does not apply anyway. I have...
  11. R

    Compatible Phones

    Hello, Firstly, apologies if this thread exists elsewhere. I had a trawl through the first twenty or so pages but couldn't see anything. I have been tasked by my director to get him a new phone which is compatible with his CLS COMAND system. The main criteria of the new phone is to be able to...
  12. M

    ORIGINAL FAT PS3 60gb backwards compatible RARE!!

    ORIGINAL FAT PS3 60gb backwards compatible, with 4 usb slots & combined card reader, very RARE!! £150 posted... OR your welcome to collect in person... VERY good condition Low miles, & taken care off, fans regularly cleaned for dust issues...
  13. G

    Headrests from w124 to w210 - compatible?

    Hi all, Having a major nightmare sourcing light grey leather head rests for middle seats in W210 estate. I have found a man who has some from a w124, does anyone know if these are compatible with the w210, or a site/reference guide that could help me determine this slightly important...
  14. tpwuk

    w208 Digital Climate Control Module - Is this compatible??

    The LCD screen in my climate control module is a bit faulty. It only shows half the pixels and none of the buttons illuminate at night. I'm going to take it out later and see if I can fix it but if I can't I was wondering if this...... Mercedes CL 420 W140 Coupe 98 AC Climate Control Unit -...
  15. P

    Compatible Parts for CLK200 Vs CLK320 ?

    Wanting to purchase standard service items ie Filters, plugs for a 1998 CLK200 online ---- most sites in USA only list CLK320 not CLK200 --- Anyone know if Air filiter / Oil filter / Fuel Filter is same as CLK320 OR VANY OTHER MODEL ? and what are the best Sparkplugs to use ? ----- any...
  16. P

    1998 CLK200 Compatible Service Items ?

    Wanting to purchase standard service items ie Filters, plugs for a 1998 CLK200 online ---- most sites in USA only list CLK320 not CLK200 --- Anyone know if Air filiter / Oil filter / Fuel Filter is same as CLK320 and what are the best plugs to use ? ----- any assistance re good source...
  17. B

    Compatible CD Players?

    Does anyone know the list of players / changers that work in place of the MC3010 (with Audio 10) ? Mine appears to be toast, now, so I am scouring eBay, etc. for a replacement. MC3111 Yes. MC3296 Not Fibre Optic Are there any others? Thanks.
  18. M

    Mobile phone compatible with car phone system

    Hello, I have an E220cdi T model from October 2007, with large navigation and phone system. I want to connect my mobile phone at car phone system. I ask at dealer and now I am waiting for an answer, so I think that perhaps anyone can give me an advise. I understand that there are some technical...
  19. Beetnik

    Compatible phones

    I used to have a link to a site showing which phones were compatible with MB cars but I've lost it. Can anyone enlighten me?
  20. vincenz

    W211 Audio 20 Compatible CD Changers

    Does anyone know if an auto changer model MH3210 (part number A211 287 55 42) fit a 2007 Audio 20 head unit or does it required the MH 3512 (part number A211 870 53 90 80) Thanks in advance
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