1. whitenemesis

    Insurance premiums set to soar after compensation changes

    Something to look forward to .. "Average car insurance premiums could increase by up to £75 a year as a result of a government ruling, industry experts have said." Insurance premiums set to soar after compensation changes - BBC News
  2. Piff

    Airline compensation?

    Number one son has been away with a mate to Munich for a few days and is due to fly home tonight with Easy Jet, arriving at Gatwick at 10:15. Apparently Easy Jet have cancelled his flight due to fog delays at Gatwick, flights backing up all day so they cancelled the last flight. He has been...
  3. verytalldave

    "Compensation" phone calls

    I am getting totally FED UP with incessant phone calls telling me that I "may" be able to claim for compensation.....etc.....etc. I get them on my home phone (even though I am ex-directory) and mobile. Up to now I have been civil and told them thanks but no thanks. I am now beginning to get to...
  4. Mr. B

    2012 F1 Aussie GP - 3 car race featuring C63

    2012 F1 Australian GP - Mercedes Benz C63 Black vs Triple Eight Racing V8 Supercar vs McLaren MP4-26 - YouTube
  5. Mr. B

    Compensation Culture Gone Mad

    Family of man who died during threesome win $3m as doctors did not warn him about physical activity - Telegraph
  6. Palfrem

    Compensation offer from Privilege on CL500 repair fiasco

    Some of you may have been following the debacle that was the "repair" of my CL 500 by Privilege and their preferred repairer, UK Assistance. Just had a call from the insurance company customer relations department who wish to offer me £150.00 in compensation for my problems, i.e. £50 for each...
  7. splang

    What should they do? Compensation?

    Hi all, As you may know I recently (24th Dec) bought a new car. I paid a further deposit on the 24th when I went to pick the car up - all fine etc... I then tried to get some money out on New Years eve and was declined. Same thing when I tried to pay at a restaurant (only had my bank debit...
  8. mercmanuk

    junkies win compensation

    what is going on in britain today,junkies who get locked up and cant get the dailey fix go cold turkey,then they get legal aid and win the case and end up getting £3000 each as the courts decide this amounts to the equivalent of assault.surley when drugs are still illegal why dont they get...
  9. smillion

    Buckled alloys in a pot hole - compensation

    Hit a pot hole badly on Saturday and just noticed that both front and rear alloys got buckled! Has anyone had any experience seeking compensation from the Highways department or is simply down to me for not swerving!!:crazy: The wheels are 19" with a 30 and 35 profile and so sympathy is...
  10. Z

    LYING DEALER.......should I ask for compensation?

    Hello, I contacted MB customer service and told them about the fact that my dealer told me I had to be 25 to get a courtesy car and they thought that was a bit strange. They got in contact with the dealership and I got a call from them telling me that the reason I didnt get a courtesy car...
  11. S


    since buying my C200K SPORTS COUPE W203 about 2 months ago it has been backwards and forwards to repair an oil leak, getting picked up again today for round 4, plus a load of other bother with warranty info/ lies off the salesman etc, etc, some fo you may remember off previous posts. Anyway if...
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