1. P

    CLS350 B Service completed

    Big thank you to Ian Walker of Total Mercedes in Kirkham, Lancashire. I purchased the car Approved Used in November with 43k on it at 3 years old and a dealer service history. Booked in with Ian for a B service on Monday, all fluids and filters. Ian showed me the air filters he'd removed...
  2. kap02

    Bespoke/Stealth Subwoofer W204 install completed !

    Evening all, Some of you may have seen a few threads from me regarding this subject! Well I have finally installed my bespoke/oem style subwoofer into my 2010 W204 :devil: The standard sound system is excellent but it lacks quality low bass, not being 21 anymore and now married :doh: I...
  3. R

    Chrome key upgrade completed

    hello guys just had my key converted from the boring black plastic one to a nice new shiny chrome one and i couldn't be happier, i got the key of this forum from billy whiz for the bargain price of £15 the key was nearly new having only been used a couple of times. I then sent the key off to...
  4. marko_eire

    NCT Failure's in Ireland & Good garage to get work completed

    Hi Guys, i'm hoping someone can help me out here... i recently spent close to 700 euro for a service on my 04 C270cdi it included new brake discs for the front and 4 brake pads and a full service which i wasn't overly happy with the price but knew the brake discs alone were expensive so bit...
  5. jonnyboy

    why would a seller "cancel" a completed eBay transaction?

    Hi all, bit concerned here. Bought a vehicle on eBay sight unseen, under £4k. Seller, vehicle & description seemed spot-on, good comms. Picked it up today, nightmare journey you wouldn't believe so was well late getting there and had a commitment later int he day. Looked car over and drove it...
  6. artyman

    Just completed video

    I've just finished editing a video of the Mid Hants Railway Autumn Gala. This is my first major editing project. Watercress Autumn Gala 2011.mp4 - YouTube
  7. Londonscottish

    Just completed 1500 miles on my bike

    In the last week of May 2009 I decided to try out commuting by bike. On the way home last night my trip computer hit 1500 miles. I was determined to see it click over so was watching it like a hawk and trying not to crash (that would have been ironic....). Anyway, that equates to 100 commutes...
  8. tudu

    Resonator Delete Completed

    Decided to have resonator removed on C55 this afternoon (after being driven in Steve's SL 500 Silver Arrow), and what a nice deep throaty sound added to the V8. Have kept the secondary cats as to remove them would have been too loud me thinks. Looking forward to hearing the sound after it's...
  9. F

    Another continental run completed!

    Arrived home last night after another successful? run to the middle of France and back. It got off to a dubious start (wheel bearing replacement hours before departure) and sailed from Portsmouth (since the collapse of SpeedFerries) on board an LD lines vessel. They gave us a good discount as...
  10. tudu

    Another Mod Completed - AMG Rear Diffuser

    Latest mod completed - rear AMG Diffuser brought through group buy MB World. Decided to keep it black rather than CF. Will take some better pics when i get chance to wash the car. Click to enlarge.
  11. C

    Speed Awareness Course, completed.

    Rather than resurrect the old thread (which tended to steer off into other wild subjects), here are the promised results of the Speed Awareness Course, which I attended yesterday. Summary: Got flashed doing 36 in a 30 zone back in July on the A69 Carlisle to Newcastle. Was given the option of...
  12. V

    Its Hammer of my completed AMG Hammer

    Well, 2.5 years after I first clapped eyes on her, I have finally completed my AMG Hammer and as it was such a beautiful day today, I thought I would go out and burn some rubber and take some pics. For those not familiar with this car, the AMG Hammer was developed by AMG back in the mid 80's...
  13. S

    Just Completed Brabus Engine Conversion - But Need Some Help!!

    Hi All. Its a long time since i posted here but i really could do with some help Please!! I own a 2001 C200 Kompressor (M111 W203) and after about one year of driving i decided i wanted some more go!! I liked the car a lot and ignored (Stuipdly)the usual advice of selling the car and simply...
  14. DR1VER

    Mega Interior clean just completed!

    Hi guys, just spent my day off giving the 300D a good interior clean. It was dirty when I bought it last month and the 2000 miles i've done since havent helped. I'm amazed how well its come up for a 127000 mile car. I can reccomend 'Decosol Instant Valay'. its a spray foam and seems to shift any...
  15. M

    W202 c class spax completed uprated suspension kit

    on ebay uk now search under w202
  16. C43AMG

    Completed Mods.

    C43AMG UPDATE After visiting Steve in Holland i have finally finished the Mods i wanted to do. Had a great trip to Steve's, he had a small problem with the extended Comand face unit which he is going to send me. He is a great guy and very professional, did a great job. It's the first chance...
  17. sunman

    DVD Nav Retrofit COmpleted

    finally finished the first Large Mod to my car. The entire D2b System was gutted for a MOST system. This involved quite a bit of work. Some issues still remain to be cleared such as instrument cluster programming and or replacing. The following was done: Entire D2b System removed including...
  18. Andy W

    First mod completed

    After 12 months of ownership I have finally got round to my first mod, pedals and chrome chrome shift surround, £24.12 + V.A.T. This weekend I am going to give my car a good clean, have purchased Zymol shampoo and polish for the task, bit dissapointed that my new wheels and tyres did not turn up...
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