1. markjay

    Complex numbers - help needed

    Anyone.....? I am struggling to help my daughter with material I studied half a century ago.... :(
  2. grumpyoldgit

    Modern Watches - Too Complex, or Innovative?

    Knowing that there are several watch collectors who frequent these forums, thought I would share this video. As the title says. innovative, too complex, or just gimmicks? They're certainly different ! (Obviously speeded up in parts). watch?v=QLS5zPyAB9s
  3. O

    ML270 complex issues

    I have an issue with my ML270 '03. It starts fine. and revs fine in N or P. But as soon as i put it in D or R, the engine will only rev to 1,000rpm. and the car doesn't even think about moving. I have had some DTC's. BAS/ETC, ABS, EPC, Brake, ESP, and so on. This is what iv'e done. Cleaned plug...
  4. H

    Cars Too Complex For Their Own Good?

    ARE CARS TOO COMPLEX FOR THEIR OWN GOOD? Modern cars get more complex every year. Electronics have taken over in every nook and cranny of car design. All very well while they are new or under maker’s warranty but they can be a nightmare later on. It’s not just Mercedes but all major makes...
  5. stats007

    Inferiority complex..

    Why? SL
  6. Simon

    Cite Europe shopping complex, France

    Would it make for a good day out / retail therapy? I am thinking of taking the family via euro tunnel at some time during the school holidays. If it's all beer and cigarettes, then I'm not likely to bother going. Let me know what you found if you've been. Thanks.
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