1. K

    R230 sl55 amg help to id a component on petrol tank

    Hello all Can anyone who know for sure (not guessing) what the round component next to the fuel sending unit is. I been to my local mercedes parts, and he could not see that second component on any of his diagrams, nor find the part via part number stamped on it (i think it reads...
  2. pmcgsmurf

    Fault Code 2513-1 / Check Component M55 Inlet Port Shutoff Motor / W211 E220 CDi OM64

    Hi folks Today my old W211 E220 CDi wont rev. above 3,000 RPM and shows code 2513-1 Check Component M55 (inlet port shutoff motor). I'm guessing the motor may be bunged up and stuck/sticking. Anyone any experience of this and am I right in the below sequence? Soon as I get some time I'm...
  3. N4D5

    Check component M55 - W211 e320 cdi Sport

    Hi guys, I had my gearbox reconditioned recently and the garage who did the box have advised on the following error. 2513-1 - Check component M55 (Current Inlet port shutoff and motor) Positioner stored signals fault. From what the garage have told me and from what i have read online. It...
  4. I

    Engine recovery (check component B5/1)

    Hi, I have a problem with my MB w203 220cdi. The drive is operating normally, but when the engine exceeds 3000 rpm, once released the accelerator enters the protection mode. In diagnosis mercedes this is the error: Check pressure transducer B5 / 1 I tried to read the error with a...
  5. grober

    Mercedes Safety data critical component locations

    An illustrated webpage/file describing the locations of critical safety components on all Mercedes models for accident services...
  6. O

    Buzzing Relay or noisy component around Rear View Mirror area

    2005 S class 320cdi w220..are there any relays or electrical components situated in head lining around rear view mirror area that may explain a loud buzzing noise when ignition is turned on ? The sun roof motor fitted appears in good working order..any thoughts please ?
  7. R

    Strange component upper engine help guysssss

    hello guys i want to ask you about my car e240 avantgarde 2004 engine look at the picture this is from other car same engine but i want to know what is it ? what its name ? i don't have it in my car engine knowing the two car mine and other car are from germany not usa version and thank you.
  8. R

    iPad / iPhone / iPod Component AV Cable

    Original Apple accessory, compatible with: iPod nano (3rd, 4th and 5th generations) iPod Classic iPod Touch (2nd and later) iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S iPad and iPad2 Includes integrated USB charging cable, so no chance of running out of juice while watching that movie. Apple part number...
  9. K

    slk r170 gearbox diagram/ component list

    Hi guys does anybody have a breakdown diagram of gearbox for slk 230, trying to see where elecrtoplate is to change speed sensor, thank you
  10. J

    6.5'' Component Install.

    I thought 6.5'' Speakers fitted in the front of the W202 without the bose system easily? Even if I dremelled the small plastic mount, I couldn't fit some shallow mount speakers in :( So I've hacked the door to pieces literally, with tinsnips, a file and a hammer, in order to widen the hole to...
  11. C

    w124 Coupe Front Speaker (component) replacement..

    Hi everyone. I want to pull out the original speakers of the dash, and install some component speakers if I can. I have seen this done before with the woofer sitting in the original coaxial hole, and the satellite tweeter simply sitting on the dash or a custom enclosure. HOWEVER - where does...
  12. FunkMasterJay

    1996 W202 Component Help Please

    Hello all. I have these that I want to install in my W202. 6.5 MB Quart Components In-Phase 4 ch Amp In Phase 4th Order 10 inch subwoofer VIBE wiring I plan to amp the front speakers, and sub. Delete the rear doors and maybe fade the rear shelf speakers (will replace with 6.5 inch...
  13. T

    111955 engine series. Help me help you. Engine inlet tract component failures

    All, I am a new member to the site. I am early retired, own a C200K purchased new in 2001 and I like to keep my wheels for a long time. The car is maintained re specific problems (albeit reluctantly) by an MB (workshop facility only) main agent. I have an engineering background, and after...
  14. boomtings

    w124 e320 leak - whats this component?

    Hi All, Noticed a leak from a black hose with red stripe near the battery, looks like ill need a couple of o-rings to clamp it on. Does anyone know what the components for? pic attached. regards.
  15. G

    Genesis Audiophile 16 6.5" component speakers

    These are the best speakers that i've owned and extremely well rated in car audio circles. The speakers are unabused, working perfectly and were pro-fitted in my car. looking for £140 + postage. Sold as seen in the picture attached. I would recommend that you amp them to get the best out of them.
  16. M

    3 way amp, sub & component speakers

    DLS 3 way amp and DLS component speakers together with a boxed sub. This is a matched high end system which is taking up space in my bedroom wardrobe. Cost of this set up new was over £500. Comes complete with all Stinger cabling and fuses, amp mounted on carpeted MDF ready for boot...
  17. 1

    C270 W203 engine: what is this engine component?

    On my C270cdi I've a sort of valve/little pumps that start for about 30 seconds every time I stop the engine, like to pump air into something: I see a plastic vacuum pipe going into the cabin fromt this device. This device is supported by the cooling tank and yes, it's not the pump for the...
  18. stringbag

    Engine component ID

    Can anyone ID all the components driven by the v belt on the front the V8 of my W202 C43? Starting top left and running clockwise, I think the first is is called a tightener pulley.
  19. 3

    V220 component location/troubleshooting?

    Hi all- my wife had problems with our V220 today; it cut out and refused to start, leaving her & the kids stranded. It will start, and run, intermittently. I'm 4000 miles away, at the moment, but I want to get some information so I can get stuck in when I return on Monday. It's going to be a...
  20. Laters

    W202 KENWOOD KFC-P724EC Component Speakers

    Due to change in circumstances I am having to get rid of my C class to get a bigger/estate car. I got these speakers to fit to my car but am not going to be able as it is up for sale. I will take the price I paid for them (£28) plus postage (about £10-11) Here is the link to the ebay...
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