1. G

    Removal of MOST and its components

    As part of the head unit upgrade, I'm going to retire all the MOST components from the car (A200 C169 2006 WDD169333), including the Audio 20 NTG 2. Looking at the EPC (VIN-specific), it doesn't appear to have anything else, but the obvious: CDC, UHI and a phone console, there's no extra amp...
  2. N

    replacing suspension components CL203

    I'm soon to collect a CL203 230k. Its low mileage and in pretty good condition. It failed the last MOT on suspension components. ARB links and bushes, lower arm bush. Front spring snapped, and the bearings also have a little play (I was just going to tighten these up). I've bought a full arm...
  3. OneForTheRoad

    meyle suspension components.

    ive used these before with good results on vw/audis . do the ones they make for the e class 320 w211 last as long as say lemforder , mb , febi ....
  4. zeemax100

    Engine components cleaned

    Apologies if posted in the wrong place! New family business has just started in Camberly, Surrey. We offer Bead/Vapour blasting for all Engine Components. This cleans off all Corrosion and polishes Components leaving them looking brand new. I have photos of cleaned items that can be seen...
  5. thebig1

    Coding of new components?

    Hi All, I know on my old Audi S5, If I changed almost any electrical component, it would go in to "Protection mode" and would have to go to the dealer to be cleared. Are C63 the same? If I change the heter control unit, for another, same part number etc, will it cause an error?
  6. Ultrarep

    Phone system components is there anything there.

    Hi all. My love affair with my 2004 S211 grows and grows. What a truely superb car these are. My first MB and cant see my buying any other car again. A few trials and tribulations but all have been overcome with easy thanks to this forum, so thankyou to all have helped. Now the next project...
  7. P

    Airmatic components

    Hi, I wonder whether someone could post a couple pictures of some Airmatic components. I have a 2004, E220 cdi Avantgarde. I would like the following, if possible: [1] A picture, and description of location, of the 40 amp fuse location for Airmatic; [2] A picture, and description of location...
  8. flango

    Why do critical components always fail close to holidays ?

    Came home this afternoon and house was freezing a quick inspection of the heating revealed no power all displays dead. Now we often get a lot of power spikes so thought the fuse must have popped, changed the fuse, panel back into life all seems well until 30 minutes later when the radiators...
  9. Abdul

    Kicker r6 6.5" components

    As above, I've had these for a while. Amazing speakers that get very loud with good sq. These are from the good old Kicker MADE IN USA days and cost circa £300 when new. 100 watts RMS but will take double that all day long. 6.5" mids (65mm mounting depth give or take a few mm), upgraded silk...
  10. Sp!ke

    Interesting thread on how to DIY real carbon fibre components

    A very interesting thread, making it look so easy (which I'm sure its not). How to wrap your F800GS in Carbon Fiber...... - ADVrider
  11. ringway

    Motor manufacturers using components from another manufacturer.

    How many motor manufacturers use components from other manufacturers? I remember the Vauxhall Omega with a 2.5 BMW diesel engine. SAAB using the Vauxhall 3.0 V6 engine. Ford Mondeos using Peugeot diesel engines. Mercedes Sprinter and VW Crafter sharing the same body. The list must be...
  12. Abdul

    Kicker Resolution R6 components with upgraded silk tweeters

    As above, I've had these for a while. Amazing speakers that get seriously seriously loud with good sq. They pound out the midbass compared to most of the crap you get these days. These are from the good old Kicker MADE IN USA days and cost circa £300 when new. These will definitely fit a...
  13. John

    Replacement mirror components.

    Unfortunately, the other day I decided to find out how much give there is in the wing mirror / garage door post industry. Answer? Very little. I've asked my inde for a price but just wondering if there are alternatives. My car is a W211 E55 AMG 10/2004. What's broken? Basically it...
  14. U

    w202 - Engine Components Fuse

    Hi all, Lately my w202 250D 1994 has been giving trouble in starting. The battery is being drained suddenly at times. If I drive the car every day it is ok but the starter does feel a bit lazy as if the battery is not fully charged. If I leave it for the weekend it will not start on Monday. The...
  15. T

    111955 engine series. Help me help you. Engine inlet tract component failures

    All, I am a new member to the site. I am early retired, own a C200K purchased new in 2001 and I like to keep my wheels for a long time. The car is maintained re specific problems (albeit reluctantly) by an MB (workshop facility only) main agent. I have an engineering background, and after...
  16. fast_eddie

    W211 Wing Mirror components for sale

    Hi, a few bits remaining for sale from my DIY folding mirrors retro-fit... 1 - W211 O/S folding mirror frame Mercedes E class folding right mirror frame A2038106293 (item 140349576655 end time 31-Oct-09 16:26:02 GMT) 2 - W211 N/S non-folding mirror frame Mercedes E-class...
  17. merc180k

    PC components for sale

    Have for sale the following after reducing the old pc to its component parts....happy to sell individually. 14" monitor 14" Monitor Used & in Good Condition ~ Working Order on eBay (end time 18-Aug-09 14:46:08 BST) 500MHZ motherboard and CPU with 256 MB memory modules AOPEN Motherboard and...
  18. B

    Great site for ignition components (+more)

    It's been a couple of years since I've changed my distributor cap and rotor, and never liked the Beru OEM leads that Euro supply so I very pleased to find this site. I also ordered an oil level sensor and pressure switch, common on the older cars. All prices up with UPS expedited delivery...
  19. Howard

    Alpine Components Says it fits Mercs ....
  20. S

    R129 SL500 door components

    Please can anyone tell me what the dimensions of the component speakers are in the doors of my SL? I would like to upgrade these without altering the standard apertures...... Has anyone changed their speakers and added an amplifier? Any pointers greatly appreciated
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