1. Happytalk73

    Conclusion of the F1 season. (Result enclosed)

    Great to see Nico finally pick up his first F1 drivers championship. :thumb: I think he's more than deserved it. Great exiting final 10 laps. Irrelivant if Lewis was right or wrong. It's down to opinion but it gave the neutral fan more excitement at the end. Shame JB failed to finish...
  2. Happytalk73

    You will NOT believe the conclusion to this story!

    Sorry for the long post but the details are important. A couple of weeks ago my 70+ year old parents got broken into at their home (bungalow) in Manchester. At 2am my mum wakes to hear noises coming from the kitchen. She assumes it's dad rummaging around for tablets (they sleep separately)...
  3. I

    W124 Engine choice - am I drawing the right conclusion?

    Hi Everyone, I’ve just sold a 210 Estate and with the proceeds I would like a W124 Coupe. I’m not especially interested in high power, but would prefer it given the choice between a 230 and a 300 for example, however, not at the expense of hassle. After having spent a few days digging...
  4. talbir

    w126 Carat wheels refurbished - refund or not saga conclusion

    All You may recall the story discussed here in late 2008...where a person bought a set of Carat Duchatelet wheels from me, sent them to a refurbishment outfit who stripped the wheels and found a crack (one that was not visible prior to stripping the paint). The buyer insisted i refund the...
  5. alanlincs

    Spare Key...The Conclusion?

    For anyone that read my original thread regarding my problems getting a spare key...well....I eventually received my key on Thursday..exactly 2 months after ordering and paying £215 for one..without repeating the circumstances..I found myself dealing direct with HQ at Milton Keynes Customer...
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