1. D

    Concorde @ Manchester

    Apparently Concorde at Manchester has successfully been powered up a number of time over recent months, and until very recently the team were close to running the hydraulic system.. Sadly they have run into 'official' bother, quoting Health & Safety rubbish. Hopefully this will be a bump. It...
  2. M

    Concorde on the Thames?

    Just a proposal at the moment, but I'd love to see this happen... Concorde 'set for new home on Thames' in floating display |
  3. N

    Haynes Concorde Manual...

    ....they will make one for Concorde but they won't make one for my E class. Product: Concorde Manual
  4. 219

    Concorde may fly again !

    BBC News - Work starts in £15m plan to get Concorde flying
  5. D

    Concorde Simulator @ Brooklands

    Anyone else fancy a go! :bannana: Concorde flight simulator lifts off in Surrey | Mail Online
  6. Flyer

    Bye, Concorde ...

    Just been to see Concorde land, for the final time, at Manchester Airport. The Ozzies have a saying, "What a beaut!" - can't argue with that. You could see it from miles away, its unmistakeable silhouette marked out against the drab grey sky. There were thousands of people watching it land...
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