1. Lenny63

    W219 CLS condensation in rear light

    Is this common ? No bulbs replaced in my tenure of nearly a year It's appeared with a few warm days over here in NI What's the best way to remove ? Is the rear light easy to take out? Thanks
  2. Myclk55amg

    Condensation in clk w209

    Anybody got any ideas on what could help reduce my clk misting up inside? The w209 are absolutely shocking for it apparently, my dad w203 and that was bad too?
  3. T

    CLC220 Headlight condensation

    Hello there I have read several threads regarding condensation in headlights like these, however Incant help but feel like this is an exception to the norm.... Below are pictures of both my headlights taken at the same time, one looking completely fine (drivers side) and the other looking...
  4. B

    Condensation in headlights

    Good Morning all, I have just picked up my new car (e350) having only had it a few days and having had the 2010 model prior to this i have a question. I have noticed that the headlights have a little bit of condensation. I raised this to the garage when i bought the car and they said with the...
  5. reflexboy

    R172/SLK Condensation, water drains

    I appreciate the weather has changed for the worse now, but the condensation in my partner's SLK (R172) is really bad. The carpets, foot wells and boot are all bone dry and the pollen filter is also bone dry. The outlet drain from the pollen filter box is clear also. When putting the...
  6. Crustyclam

    Smoke, or exhaust condensation

    Hi, Can anyone confirm from the video if the exhaust gases look normal. I personally cannot tell if it is steam or smoke. Hoping its just condensation from when the exhaust cooled the last time. No smell to it whatsoever. I just noticed this on a few recent cold start-ups. Only had the car...
  7. P

    Severe condensation

    Hi all, New to this forum,Im about to buy a c class 220 cdi 2012 model. The current owner has 2 other fairly new cars so this car is rarely used and parked outside in all weathers. The problem is all the interior glass has very severe condensation there is also traces of mould on the seats...
  8. B

    Condensation W203

    Getting a fair bit of condensation on the insides of my front and rear glass on my 2005 W203 C55. Seems worst on the rear window. So much that see whole drops of water running down at times. Are there any common places where water can get in that I can try and look for? To my knowledge, there is...
  9. Red C220

    Condensation on interior windows 2015 SL400

    I know I've only had it just under 4 weeks and two of those I've been on ship - however first question on new SL ownership. Is it normal to get condensation on the interior windows, particularly the rear and side windows? It's most prevalent when I've been for a drive, the car has warmed...
  10. C

    R230 Condensation Problem

    Morning all, I'm sure this has been asked/discussed lots before but I have a car full of the dreaded condensation. I've dried it all out and thought I'd cured it - turns out leaving the windows open 1/4 inch stops it, which is great until it rains!!! I've had a look at the tray on the nearside...
  11. M

    65 plate E class steaming up & condensation

    Hi all, first post here. Just received my 65 plate E Class coupe, which I'm loving, but it seems to have a real issue with steaming up, the rear window will steam up heavily overnight and the rest of the car will quickly steam up when driving. In addition, the car has the intelligent...
  12. A

    C220 Xenon headlight condensation

    Shocked i didn't pick this up when i inspected the car, both Xenon headlights have bad condensation which the dealer assures me is normal however i am not so sure. My previous cars with Xenon headlights did have some condensation but this is a little extreme! What is the best way to manage...
  13. R

    E220 CDI 08 condensation

    I have recently bought an E220 on 08 plate & for no real reason the Windows seem to steam up in a matter of seconds, floor isn't damp, heaters work OK hot & cold, the vents & seals all seem OK. If anyone can help or give advise would be appreciated ::dk:
  14. P

    Headlamp condensation

    Guys, Had my 2013 E220 sport for a week and have noticed that the front headlamp casings are misting up quite badly in the bad weather (condensation inside). I've never had this on any other car - is this a common problem? Still under warranty so may take it in to be looked at. Cheers
  15. design guru

    W220 rear window condensation

    I have condensation on the rear window of my W220 S320cdi and also on my dads W202 C240. The condensation appears every morning and even if the car has not been used as I thought it may have been related to the heating being used. I have cleared the channels of the S Class in the rear boot...
  16. H

    W245 Condensation...

    Hi guys, my B200 is suffering in the cold weather from an inordinate amount of condensation on the inside, particularly on the rear passenger door windows - giving me poor visibility when reverse parking. My previous car - E Class - never had this problem; in fact all the cars I have had with...
  17. rusty55

    R129 condensation

    Just removed car cover drove car around for 20 mins then put pan roof on left over night under carport all ok this morning. Put car on open drive way by 18:00 got in to find All glass including pan roof covered in condensation is this normal. Is this like a single glazed green house and is gel...
  18. R

    Headlight condensation

    The xenon headlights on my R129 are letting in quite a bit of moisture. Is this a common issue with them? and how should I go about fixing it?
  19. R

    Too much condensation

    I'm in that phase of having a new car (R129) where you begin to learn all the little niggles that need sorting... I put on my panoramic roof a few days ago and find that its always misted up, quite heavily too. Are there any common trouble spots and fixes to this?
  20. Pleassy

    Headlight condensation

    Have an R170, one of the headlights keeps 'steaming up' took it out dried it, no obvious signs Any ideas?
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