1. B

    Aircon compressor specialist

    Not specifically a MB specialist, but in the field of air conditioning, much better! Compressortech, of Warwick, I would say if you have any problem with your aircon, bring your car here. I took my car to a highly reputable local MB specialist, who put the diagnostics on it, and said I...
  2. Piff

    Air con condenser replacement queries

    Number 1 son has a 2009 A160. Last summer when out with him we asked him to put the air con on - it didn't work. He claimed not to have used it before so he wasn't aware it didn't work. Sent him to have it re-gassed and he came home saying that there was a hole in the condenser and replacement...
  3. A

    W211 condenser oem or aftermarket?

    Hi there, Am wondering if anyone knows what options do i have for a brand new condenser. And what are the costs? Thanks for your help in advance
  4. E

    EIS Aircon condenser - Reviews?

    Evenin' all. The old girl ('98 E55 AMG estate) needs a new aircon condenser, and ECP have a good deal on at present on an EIS aftermarket item. It's not a name I recognise, though. Would anyone have any comments, for or against, or care to recommend a good make if you so wish? Thank you in...
  5. J

    A/c condenser pressure sensor

    Hi guys Im having problems with my ac system at the moment. Was told it needed a new condenser pressure sensor. I have a w204 c200 cdi 2008 model. Does anyone know the location of this part? Is it a straightforward DIY? Would appreciate any help. Thanks
  6. mark_le_b

    DIY Air-Con Condenser & Receiver Drier Change on W210 E55??

    My air con is not working and was told that the condenser has a hole, so allowing gas to excape (was told this last time it was in at indie for something else) - haven't changed until now as not been necessary - but am off to France on a long drive and would prefer to stay cool on the journey...
  7. EDZ649

    A/C Condenser part number confirmation

    Can anyone confirm that this is the right part number for the A/C condenser for my 2001 W210 E320cdi please: A210 830 04 70 Thank you.
  8. L

    Before I go to KwikFit for a re-gas

    My 2002 CLK 230 Convertible A208 has air con problems. Spoke to Chilly Willy (really helpful but we're out of his area) and he suggested the condenser is very likely to be the cause of the lack of gas. Before I take it to Kwik Fit for a recharge is it worth changing the condenser as everyone...
  9. streethawk

    c230k condenser leaking

    Hi there first time on any sort of forum so still in the sussing out how it works. Was wondering if its relativity easy to change the condensor on my 99 c230k auto and if its possible to change by shifting water rad back a bit to gain access to condensor or do I have to remove water rad...
  10. R

    Condenser query A150 petrol (2007)

    Hi all. My cousin looks primed to shell out £1300 for a new condenser. :( They bought the car approved used 11 months ago... The stealer has already lightened his pockets to the tune of £200 for 're- gassing' (no pun intended). Any ideas? Olly? Thanks in advance!
  11. R


    Hello people, my air con not working. Went garage he has had a look says its the condenser there's an oil patch and loads of crap down there. Anyway how much should I be looking at for a new one and fitting?
  12. d w124

    Miele condenser dryer

    Used but fully working order Miele T4423C honeycomb care.Looking for offers around 250.Please remember that they cost around 1k new
  13. W

    W202 A/C Condenser

    Finally got round to looking at the problems with the a/c. I don't think its worked since I bought the car back in 2007 and having endured 2 summers without I decided to have a look. As the system is completely empty I was able to pull the condenser straight out of the car with no probs...
  14. J


    I've been told that my airconditioning condenser is leaking and needs replacing. The car is a 2002 C class 220diesel. Ive been quoted £240 for the part plus the fitting ! :( Is this the going rate or are they available on line at a more realistic price! I can never remember replacement...
  15. sal1m

    w203 c220cdi compressor to condenser aircon pipe

    compressor to condenser aircon pipe (part rubber part aluminium) w203 c220cdi 2001
  16. D

    AC Condenser Radiator NEEDED

    For a c220 cdi 2002 model if anyone has one new or used drop me a email through profile cheers del
  17. Dave Richardson

    W203 220 CD1 coupe air con condenser

    Hi I need to change the pressure switch on the condenser, could someone tell me where the condenser is situated in this model ta dave
  18. dchantry

    WANTED, A/C condenser for 2002 W203

    Anyone out there have an A/C condenser for a 2002 W203, or know where does have one. I've tried Mercman and he doesn't have one. Cash paid ;) Let me know
  19. jjoe

    Air-Con condenser replacement

    Hello Folks, My 1999 W202 C220 CDI has a leak in its air con due to a crack in a pipe to the condenser. I am being advised by the garage to have the condenser together with tank replaced. With labour, recharge and gas etc. this obviously is a tidy outlay so I have to decide if its worthwhile...
  20. F

    Labour for replacing condenser

    I'm about to get the condenser replaced on my W140 and I'm wondering how big a job it is in terms of man hours. Any ideas? Thanks!
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