1. Screwdriver

    W123 300D Air Con Condensor Radiator replacement

    Greetings, My original air con condensing radiator on my 1984 UK 300D has sprung a leak. MB UK no longer sells a replacement so I'm going to have to turn to an OEM supplier. The dealer shared the following part number: A1268300670. I believe the original was made by Hella-Behr? Any...
  2. K

    s211 AirCon Condensor

    Had an incident with Bambi who shredded by grill and managed to puncture my aircon condenser. Lots of aftermarket version available but how easy are they to swap? Happy to spend a day doing it but how tricky is it? Do I need any special tools? All help gratefully received. Thanks k
  3. N

    3rd Condensor

    I'm having the 3rd condensor installed into my car tomorrow, the 1st one was leaking (only found out on installation), 2nd lasted 11 months and is now leaking, should i go for the ecp condensor for the 3rd time or go elsewhere. Anyone else have this problem. So far I have had to bear the cost...
  4. E

    W203 C32 radiator and condensor replacement- options? What do I need?

    Hi folks, the condensor on my 2001 W203 needs replacing, and I notice I have a valeo radiator too. . . I have no idea if this has ever been changed (it is very dusty), as I've only had the car a few months, but whilst at it, I shall give this attention too. What are the options: Replacement...
  5. G

    Looking for a W203 A/C Condensor

    Hi, My 2002 make C200K condensor (P/N A 203 500 0554) appears to have died. Anyone know where I can buy a new one? Preferably genuine MB? Thank you. Gravitz
  6. gina2201

    w202 Condensor

    Can anybody please confirm the part # for a condensor for my 1999 w202 C230 Kompressor Estate? Looking around, there appear to be a few different sizes - anyone know which one I will need? :dk:
  7. T

    C43 aircon condensor

    Just had my a/c (C43) tested as it was not working, and apparently the source of the problem is a leaking condensor. Quote seems to be £140 to supply, £90 to fit, and £75 to test and re-gas, plus VAT. I don't think this is an OEM part but should be a decent make. Have had a look at Euro Car...
  8. Supacool1

    W202 Condensor Fans

    One of my fans is not working at all and is impacting the effiency of the cabin aircon. Anyone in Hampshire got one that works? Supa:cool:
  9. Supacool1

    Condensor Install S202 250TD

    Hi, This morning I along with a mate attempted the condensor change. I've read various posts and knew of the potential problems. We had a beautiful morning to work and we set about it. All went well and I used GSF parts to supply the condensor. Well when I say all went well I should...
  10. Supacool1

    Cost of W202 Air con condensor?

    Does anyone know the cost of the above? I've got a hole in mine and was wondering the cost of it from Benz. Or do I go get an aftermarket pattern part from Ebay...? Any advice would be helpful!
  11. R

    Condensor (2nd hand + fitting cost) W208 CLK

    Hi, I've been told I've got a hole in my condensor, so it will need replacing. This was spotted when putting the gas in with a dye. Apparently the car wouldn't hold even an ounce of gas, it just started coming out of the condensor. Thing I wanted to know, is there anything else that is...
  12. M

    W203 C Class Aircon Leak

    My aircon is leaking gas, the probe indicates it is somehwere up round the condensor but being new to mercs and not having the nous to work out how take off the front grille etc to get to condensor does the keen mechanics out there have some guidance of what I may expect when I start undoing...
  13. DJC013

    SLK Air Con Condensor & Drier

    Hello, just had my SLK looked at today by a good mate, turns out the Condensor is leaking, and he also recommended replacing the Drier. Could anyone recommend where the best place to get the parts would be ? Many thanks in advance, regards Damian. :) PS It is a 2001 SLK320 Auto.
  14. P

    Oily residue on condensor W203

    I have just removed my intercooler to replace the seals. The intercooler is very clean, however the bottom left hand side condensor which is behind it is covered in an oily residue (about a 150x150mm area) The air conditioning became ineffective and was recharged about 6 weeks, and already it...
  15. R

    air con condensor

    I was informed today that 75% of condensor failures are due to the build up of debri behind the cooling fans in front of the condensor.i was advised to remove the cooling assy once a year and very carefully blow away the debri.(no sharp objects).I recently had a new condensor fitted and the guy...
  16. M

    A/C condensor leak..(solutions?)

    Hi everyone.....just had a/c engineer out to re-gas my unit....after he'd done it,,he tested it for leaks, and unfortunately there was 1 or 2 leaks coming out from the ac condensor. What would anyone suggest as the best course of action?? Re-condition condensor from breakers, new condensor...
  17. G

    A/C Condensor Price?

    Just got a call from the MB garage, seems my condensor has a hole in it :( Any idea how much I'll have to fork out for one? I've seen prices varying from £115 to over £400! Thanks, Greg
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