1. gramey

    Leather dying and conditioning

    So after quite a lengthy journey over the past 13 months my R129 is in pretty damn good shape now but I would like to colour in the wear on the drivers seat bolster. I'd also like to clean and condition the leather if that's possible with the coated leather. I was going to buy it all from...
  2. J

    Air Conditioning not working great!

    Hi everyone, i recently took my 270 cdi and had the aircon re-gassed, but it hardly seems to have made any difference. When i turn the air con on and off you can hear a change in the fan speed so i think the electronics seem to be ok. Any ideas before i consider taking it to the dealer?
  3. kalvin928

    VCT mobile air conditioning services

    Air conditioning was warm to 1 x side (drivers) gave these guys a shout; full service with antibacterial treatment, new oil and diagnostic printout for only £30 fully Inc. Mobile service
  4. Kip W211

    Air conditioning problem

    Hi guys I have a "small"problem with my air condition. On the passenger side from the vents fly very cold air, while the driver side is just cool. The first step I did I replaced the duo valve (that's how I solved the same problem in my 211) A2118320584. Unfortunately after the replacement...
  5. M

    Air Conditioning pulley noise

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone out there can help me with this one. I have a 350CLS 2005 model that has re-developed a noisy sort of whining/bearing sort of noise. The last time I heard this same noise I was able to rectify it by tracing it to and replacing a guide pulley that the serpentine...
  6. mounty3279

    C63, air conditioning, codenser

    Hi, Has anybody had trouble with their air conditioning condenser on there C63? Is it common for them to fail? I have taken my car in today, my air conditioning light is blinking and have been told it is my condensing unit has failed. I asked if they had pressure tested it or vacuum checked it...
  7. S

    w204 air conditioning light blinks

    Yesterday I pressed the aircon button and it blinked three times then switched off. Tried a few times. One hour later I tired it and it worked perfectly. This is the second time it has happend (last time two years ago). Seems not to be the gas level otherwise it would not work and blast ice cold...
  8. G

    air conditioning

    Hi as a new member & just bought my 1st Mercedes (its a 2000 Reg 230 CLK convertible) & I have no idea how to work the air conditioning, on the hearer control panel there is a switch with EC on & below that is a switch with REST on, any help would be appreciated, Also does anybody know if I can...
  9. O

    Air conditioning faulty

    Hi All hope your enjoying the weather and making the most. Just had my air con recharged and drove away all chilled but after a day with the air con on max it appears to be blowing warm air which is not the desired affect I'm looking for, took vehicle back to discuss with garage and they...
  10. B

    Air con troubles

    Hi all , I'm after some advice on an air con fault on old Merc R129 sl 500 with early air con. The one with just a few dials. Not the common dual sided system. Basically I have no air con. I believe the compressor pump isn't running. I have had it in to two Indy air con recharge places...
  11. C250JRH

    W204 Air Conditioning not cold on one side

    Hello, My 2010 W204 (S204) C250 has an issue with the Climate Control that I cant find much information about. The AC blows cold and works on the Drivers side but the Passenger side even with the Dial set to Min on the Climate Control blows what I believe to be ambient air. If I turn the...
  12. dynamicq

    Air Conditioning Re Gas for under 40GBP?

    Do you know anyone who will do this for less than 50 quid nowadays? I live in Oxford, commute to London and Cambridge. Thanks
  13. T

    Air conditioning

    Had the air con re gassed today and was expecting to pay just over £70 but the cost was just over £43, a good result. When I said about that I thought it would be over £ 70 I was told that the air con gas has gone down in price. So if you need yours doing it might be the time to do it.
  14. T

    air conditioning Unit

    Hi Looking to purchase a portable air conditioner unit for my lounge for about £400. Can anyone recommend one and how noisy are they compared to a fan on full. Many thanks
  15. S

    Ml 270 Air Conditioning compressor

    Hi As posted earlier I have recently purchased a ML270 it has a couple of problems. Quick question .... When the compressor is running the two metal pipes from compressor to the cabin ..should 1 pipe be cold and the other 1 pipe is hot .. really hot?? does this sound right. If not what should...
  16. G

    W169 Upgrade Air Conditioning System to Thermotronic?

    A two-fold question really: How feasible is it to do a full and proper upgrade from the standard air conditioning system to the Thermotronic on a 2006 C169 Avantgarde SE? If I only swap the control units, will I retain the functionality of the current standard a/c system?
  17. I

    Air conditioning dryer

    Hi All, I will be replacing the condenser on my car and was wondering what the difference could be between A/C dryers. The same supplier has a Hella branded one for £20 and a Valeo for £54, what could account for the difference and is it worth paying more? Dryer, air conditioning for your...
  18. T

    Air conditioning and wiring

    I have recently restored a 94 e320 and have fitted a new compressor and dryer.. The old dryer had 4 tails and the new one 2, There are 3 wires coming down from the relays one black, yellow and blue and the black one is powered when the dash switch is on. the remaining 2 wires are from the fan...
  19. dokalj

    W203/ CL203/ W209 Automatic Air Conditioning Control

    Hi all, I hope all is well? As per the title, I am after an automatic air conditioning module as an upgrade on mine. Thanks
  20. H

    Air conditioning help!!

    Hi I've got a c200 2008 (58 plate) and my aircon stopped working. I took it in for a regas and still no luck, took it back and asked them to make sure the level was correct, which they did but still no luck! When I press the AC button it flashes 3 times then extinguishes. My mate plugged it in...
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