1. M

    W212 reversing camera configuration

    Hi guys, I have an opportunity to purchase the factory fitted components for a W212 estate reversing camera which I understand to be: 1. Reversing camera that connects to the boot handle (just above number plate) 2. Cable from camera to control unit (and onward to COMMAND) 3. Cable from...
  2. 350_Coupe

    Daylight Running Lighting Configuration ??

    ok, i've been looking at this, because my previous car had daylight running lights, separate from the main lights because they were pop-up ones, and i always liked the option. Now, i have a C350 Coupe with Bi-Xenons, and was looking through the various options in the manual etc, and see that...
  3. E

    Factory Configuration

    Does anyone know how i can go about checking the factory configuration of my A150 using the VIN/chassis number?
  4. C

    pin configuration on a 1998 Becker Radio Cassette

    ANyone got any infor on the pin connections for the CD connector ?? It's not a fbre optic one so I want to add a non factory changer and don't know the connections
  5. T


    'build you own bmw', no alloy options as of yet though!!!
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