1. E

    Please confirm dealer talking nonsense about tyres

    Ok, so I needed 2 new rear Pirelli P Zero in 285/30R19 (98)Y. Dealer quoted a crazy amount so I bought some online. Due to circumstances (rear airmatic failing on a 12 month old E63 - but that's another story!), the dealer has seen the tyres I ordered and is claiming they are not the correct...
  2. reflexboy

    Can anyone with EPC confirm this please?

    Good morning I am after the base (bit your bum goes on!!) section of the driver's seat cover for my Dad's W204, in Artico, Alpaca Grey. Before ordering it, I just want to check I have the correct part number. Could anyone with EPC help please? His VIN is: WDD 204045 2A 285200 The part...
  3. P

    Confused!! Palladium or iridium need to confirm spec tomorrow

    Hi all, I've ordered my new c63amg s estate and I now have a build slot and I have to confirm spec tomorrow. However I'm torn on colours, I'm going to use the car every day and I normally go for black cars but they mark easily and I never find they retain their shine for too long. So I'm...
  4. M

    Can someone confirm if these style of alloys are diamond cut

    Hi All, I am looking to buy an E class with these style of alloys on them but they are badly curbed... Just wondering if these are diamond cut - They don't look like it to me but just want to confirm. Thanks Mercedes-Benz UK - Lines and equipment - Optional equipment...
  5. login_user

    need to confirm interior colour

    Hi, I'm trying to find the exact colour seats I have in my clk but cant find the code. any one know where to look or can check my vin please.
  6. Willsco

    Can someone confirm I have correct suspension part number please...?

    My 1991 SL500 failed its MoT today on a broken front o/s suspension spring I have checked my parts manual and as far as I can tell the correct part number is A1293210804 - but the manual is a but vague on part numbers versus model year Can anyone confirm please? Also any recommendation on...
  7. Harlowcabbie

    W210 e220cdi can anyone who also has one confirm something for me

    Need someone who has the same model as me to please confirm something. I have had egr type issues with the car since I've had it and whilst investigating various causes I happened to notice that the vac converter on the egr seems to be the wrong one. It's the small electric pump with the two...
  8. I

    can someone please help me confirm the Service History of a car

    Hi Could someone please help me confirm the service history of the below VIN - not having much luck from the seller - I would be really grateful Reg: MV56 XWG - this was the original plate - currently has a PP VIN: WDD221222A085311 Thanks
  9. Bobby Dazzler

    Why not confirm mileage on AUCs first registered to MB/dealer?

    Source: So what do you make of the footnote, that vehicles first registered to MB or as a dealer demo don't come with a certificate to confirm mileage is genuine? Interested to see if others leap to same conclusion as me!? :eek:
  10. tpwuk

    Can someone confirm this part number.....

    A2013571708 Please.... Cheers
  11. The Dent Guy

    Microsoft confirm Hotmail accounts hacked

    As the title says..... and mine is one of them - my account starts with a 'P' so the 10000+ accounts starting A or B which had their user and passwords published on line is only the tip of the iceberg!! BBC NEWS | Technology | Thousands of Hotmail users hacked
  12. Mr Jadefox

    Mercedes confirm Scrappage Participation

    Hadn't seen anyone else mention this to date, so thought I would ;)
  13. Mr Jadefox

    Mercedes confirm Scrappage Participation

    Hadn't seen anyone else mention this to date, so thought I would ;)
  14. stevesey

    MAF - Confirm Diagnosis and Recommend Supplier

    Was thinking the car didn't feel right today - dawned on me that on a couple of prompt pull aways the car seemed to pause at 4000rpm just before I lifted off. Don't know when this started as conditions last week were a bit limiting. Tried nailing the throttle and found car was very slow when and...
  15. JazzyJames2001

    Can anyone confirm

    Im in the middle of doing a gas conversion I have the 2.0 16v engine in the W124. Im after the passenger side hot water pipe and the return pipe. Am I correct in thinking that the hot water runs through the bulk head on the passenger side (gee wizz ey) into a Metal pipe? But where is the...
  16. W210 Fan

    Dension 500 - can anybody confirm compatibility for a W220?? Ok so its in France but if it goes cheap will it fit my W220 with COMAND (can anybody confirm my COMAND is 2.5 in a 99T plate?) The advert has BMW written all over it, once it has been pushed...
  17. N

    Can an expert confirm these will fit??

    Just about to go ahead with a purchase of some wheels from a nice forumite and really just want to sanity check and make sure they will fit directly onto my W210 without spacers or any other faffing around? Can someone in the know confirm that the following wheels will fit without any grief...
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