1. acej

    GAD Tuning Competition Winner - congrats

    Just saw this Steve well done fella let us know how and what happens. GAD Tuning Competition Winner We are pleased to announce that Steve Maxwell (SJMaxwell) is the winner of last Month’s competition and is booked in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled for the feature on his...
  2. television

    Congrats on your ten thousandth post Malcolm !

    I have not gone over, over and out :D:D
  3. andy_cyp

    Congrats Montoya

    Well done monty, and well done MB. Would have been a lot nicer if Kimi could have finished second but nevertheless pulling from where he was after YET ANOTHER ENGINE BLOW UP to finish 3rd is a great achievement. Hard to catch/challenge Alonso though for the title imho, but... we will see...
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