1. D

    Connecting Phone Via Bluetooth on 2009 CLC

    Hi I have a 2009 CLC. How do I connect my phone to the car!? It says 'tel bluetooth ready' but I can't seem to figure out what to do after that. The manual doesn't seem to say either. Thanks.
  2. M

    Connecting an iPod Touch

    HI I have a w204 2013 car with the Media Interface without the original cable. I am trying to connect an iPod Touch 6 for Spotify. Advice sought, what cable and adapter do I need? My understanding is a 30 pin adapter and the right cable will do it. Can anyone advice on the correct...
  3. A

    Connecting an Android phone and music library to SLS Comand system

    Hi, Can anyone advise the easiest way to connect the music from my HTC Android phone to an SLS AMG Comand system? I can Bluetooth the phone but the music is not visible when I check the menu on Comand. Hard wire only?
  4. H

    Connecting an audio Bluetooth transmitter to Command Online (W212 2016)

    I have bought a 2016 Eclass Estate which as the latest command online but sadly no AUX input. This is very annoying as I want to play lossless music from a music player and not from my IPhone and was unaware that the folks from Mercedes would decide not to put this "essential" audio input into...
  5. N

    Connecting NTG2.5 to existing phone microphone

    Hi I am new to this forum and to MB. I am currently retro fitting NTG2.5 to my early 2008 W211 that currently has the old Audio 20 system and wired phone installation. I have all the adaptors, leads and GPS antenna required for the fit however I don't know where I need to run the cable...
  6. A

    connecting iphone 5 to uhi cradel

    can anyone tell me how to connect iphone 5 to uhi cradle please
  7. M

    connecting a ctek 5.0 to w211 main battery

    Hi guys.I bought a ctek mxs 5.0 and I don`t know how to connect it to the main battery. Negative wire shoud go to the battery negativ terminal or it shoud go to the ground? I read many forums and the opinions are divided. Please advice. I don`t want to burn de BCM.
  8. Horrgakx

    Connecting the car to the Internet

    It really isn't clear how to do this and I'm struggling with it. Can the car connect on its own (like the BMW system) or do I have to use my iPhone 5 somehow? By the way I tried setting up a personal hotspot but after a couple of minutes the car fails to connect.
  9. R

    Connecting a CTEK battery trickle charger

    I have to leave my car several months at a time while I work overseas, so have just bought a CTEK trickle charger to float the battery of my CLC while I am away. As I will be plugging and unplugging regularly, I would like to install a permanent plug in the car to attach the CTEK. I have bought...
  10. F

    Connecting iPod to Audio 20

    Hi guys, I'm going to take delivery of a new C Class Coupe in the next 2 weeks. As standard it comes with the Audio 20 with 6CD changer. From googling around it appears that the when you have the version with the 6CD changer the media interface comes standard to hook up an iPod. The...
  11. F

    Problems connecting ipod to E-class 2012

    Hi all, Just bought our first Mercedes and tried connecting the ipod to the car over the weeken and it keeps displaying the error message "Device Not Compatible". We checked the with the dealer that we had the right cable (518 variant) and it should work according to the MB website. Also...
  12. C

    iPhone 6 connecting via USB

    Can someone please confirm that it is not possible to connect the latest IOS on an iPhone 5 or 6 via the USB port on the latest version of COMAND and then I will stop trying. After spending money on a Mercedes I find it incomprehensible that this doesn't work.
  13. A

    Connecting a sub/amp to standard COMMAND system E Class Coupe w207

    Has anyone fitted a sub/amp into an e-class coupe. If so, how do you connect it up and also is there anywhere i can buy a boot install or a specific sub box to fit in the coupe?
  14. Benplym

    Going MAD Need HELP BIG TIME Connecting iphone 6 to w164 ml

    This has been asked sooooo many times I'm sure but I havnt found any constructive answers. I have a 2007 ml280 edition s (crap one), it had the stupid "Nokia" lead in the arm rest and that's it! I understand that the ONLY way to connect my iphone 6 is to spend a million pounds on a bluetooth...
  15. Howard

    Connecting iPhone to Bluetooth

    Hi all Can't figure out how to connect my i4 to the Bluetooth in my new car. It's got the Bluetooth doodah in the armrest , and I can get as far as getting to the point to pair it , but have no idea of the code ? Can't find it written anywhere either. The car finds my phone , and...
  16. S

    Connecting iPod to Audio 20

    I have a 2013 E-Class with Audio 20, and a Media interface socket in the cubby between the front seats - apologies I'm a noob so I don't know the model nomenclature. I have both the official Mercedes media interface cables for iPod and iPhone (lightening plug) - the part numbers are...
  17. K

    connecting phone to comand online

    Hi everyone could anyone please help me? I have a 61 c200 exec cdi 125 edition. Ive tried to connect my samsung s5 to the command online but the car wont recognise it, im wanting to connect with it so i can keep the system up to date (sat nav and such) Ive been in touch with the dealer and they...
  18. guydewdney

    connecting bluetooth to 2004 comand?

    Getting confused in my old age. I have a 2004 comand, with, i think, a uhi connector in the armrest with an old skool 6310i nokia phone. My new phone obv wont work with this. Will this? Mercedes Benz HFP Bluetooth Mobile Cradle B67875877 WORKS ON IPHONE BLACKBERRY | eBay Seems expensive...
  19. M

    Trouble with connecting the iPod to my car

    Hi Apologies if this has already been posted. I did see a similar thread but dated for 2012 and didn't answer my question. I got my new B class last week :D I have an iPod Classic from 2007/8. I know its very old, but it has tonnes of storage and does what I need it to do- play music...
  20. D

    connecting my iphone

    I want to connect my iphone 5 to my 2002 R230 (small screen nav unit) My local audio shop suggests either using the TV input or using a dab radio add on unit which would pick up my iphone as a radio frequency (or something like that) Has anyone here had success in connecting an iphone? I...
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