1. johnlewis1964

    I Pod connection.

    Hi folks thanks for letting me join. I have just bought an 08 C180 . Love it. I would like to connect my I touch to the audio system. What is the best way I can only see 1 aux out connector any ideas please. Many Thanks.
  2. sarah.grandon

    iPhone 7plus connection

    Hi, I've a CLK 320 CDI. I have the armrest connection but all I want to do is to be able to connect phone to car to use ?? Not too bothered about music as use stereo?? Any help please I've seen these... wondering if this would work without wires everywhere?? Anker SoundSync Drive Bluetooth car...
  3. A

    MOST loop adaptors - wrong connection?

    Trying to bypass digital TV module to identify a fault. Bought a female MOST loop cable, but once I got the TV module out, I found a combined power and optical connection on the back. Splitting out the optical, it's just a narrow male connection (like the one which goes into the Nav DVD under...
  4. S

    No data connection to car (C43 Coupe)

    Had handover yesterday, and left without the data connection to the car working. Car is registered with Mercedes me, but the services show "activating" rather than active. When i try to access internet it says there is no data connection to the car, and when I start the car I get a "SOS not...
  5. Petrol Pete

    Bluetooth connection

    I know this is an old subject and there are countless post and many links to the internet, but the more I dig around the more confused it becomes. So here goes. 2006 C55 W203 with Audio 20 (6 CD stack in glove box) , Harman Kandon Logic 7 surround system. The VeDoc from the factory states '819...
  6. M

    Trickle charger connection S211

    Hi - need to connect a trickle charger to an S211. Is it possible/ advisable to connect via the terminals under the bonnet as access to the rear battery compartment is restricted. Have researched the point but opinions differ. Does anyone have the definitive on this? Thanks
  7. S

    MBWLAN Connection Setup

    Hi all, Anyone know how to connect to the WLAN in my car? Asks me for a PIN number but I don't have one. Cheers
  8. J

    IPOD connection CLA45

    Just purchased a 2014 CLA45 and have an issue with the USB port when I plug in my iPod it says USB not readable , tried to connect iPod to a c-class 2015 and it works, garage is looking into it but just wondered if my car model/age isn't compatible with apple iPods can anyone advise, thanks !
  9. BTB 500

    Slow internet connection - ethernet card problem??

    The internet connection speed (download) has suddenly dropped on my main PC at home - is currently showing 4.69 Mbps download and 9.31 Mbps upload. If I plug the network cable into my old HP netbook instead then Speedtest on that gives a much more reasonable 38 Mbps download speed...
  10. D

    iPod connection

    Evening all, I bought a 2010 C63 a couple of weeks ago and love it. Things I've found out. The Sat Nav is useless, and dispite looking for it I can not find any disc to change for an updated version. But I can live without using that for a while, I have looked for the AUX port, this does not...
  11. I

    iPhone 6 connection issues

    Hi I have recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone 6, however the SMS isn't working. I can receive calls and listen to music but no SMS. I recently had an android Sony phone and calls and SMS worked both fine. I connect via bluetooth. I have read all the threads I could find and have...
  12. E

    w211 e55 phone connection

    Is there a way to connect phone to stereo and hands free? I have the mb bluetooth device in centre consol but still won't connect? Thanks dave
  13. J

    Data connection in progress iPhone problem

    Hi everyone, I have a facelift E class coupe (2013/14) and I am trying to connect my iPhone 6 for online services. Bluetooth works fine for calls etc, but when I click online services I get a 'Data connection in progress' screen before it eventually times out and doesn't connect. On my phone...
  14. TKvS

    Inexpensive Bluetooth connection for CLS

    I've seen a few posts regarding having your iPod / Smartphone connected to your car stereo / amp via Bluetooth, here's an inexpensive workaround that will give you basic access to the music on your chosen smartphone. THIS SHOULD WORK ON ANY CAR THAT HAS AN AUX INPUT. This will NOT provide ...
  15. Piff

    Ipod connection

    Santa kindly bought SWMBO a new Ipod for Christmas which has the newer small (8pin?)connector. Car has Comand (NTG4.5) with media interface and 3 cables (3.5mm jack, usb & 30pin Ipod) What is the best way to connect the new Ipod? new interface cable with 8pin connector? USB - the Ipod came...
  16. S

    LG Soundbar best connection for quality ?

    Hi people. I purchased a 4.1 LG Soundbar for my LG 4k Tv . There are several ways to connect the soundbar up (via Bluetooth, Hdmi , Optical ) I dont really like seeing cables I'm a more of a wireless fan. But is bluetooth connection good for speakers or is a proper connection with a optical...
  17. vauer6

    Iphone 6s plus bluetooth connection

    Hi. I just bought iphone 6s plus and it doesnt connect with my audio. My car is cls w219 2008.Audio 20.Built in bluetooth. Iphone doesnt see my merc.It need update,some interface or just its not compatible?
  18. S

    C class 2012 iPod connection kit

    Hi all Just bought a newer merc, c class 220 2012 to go with my 1971 r107 I have read loads of threads on this but none seem clear , basically I have a stereo with sat navy in glove compartment, Becker? Which is in colour In the arm rest I have a usb and aux socket What I can do Plug in...
  19. Alex225

    iPhone Connection in CLS

    Hi all, I have a 2007 CLS63 and was wondering if it's possible to connect my iPhone 6 to the Command system? Having owned the car for almost 2 months and only driving 500 odd miles, I've not got into all the features of the car as such. I wouldn't mind connecting my phone and thought there...
  20. M

    Fault Data connection

    Hi, I have a w202 C class c280 year 1997. Does anyone now if it has a fault code reader connection point and if so where is it situated. Have had a good look round but get the feeling its right under my nose and I can't see it.
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