1. S

    W126 Stereo Connections

    Somewhere down the line, someone chopped of the original stereo plug and wired in a 12 pin pioneer one. Now the pioneer stereo is not working and I want to replace it. How do you guys suggest I go about doing this properly? I'm thinking of wiring in a iso connector, has anyone done this...
  2. S

    W209 CLK Mild Audio Upgrade Advice - Connections and Approach

    Hi All, I've currently upgraded my facelift CLK with COMAND and I added the Fiscon pro on the weekend, replacing the existing UHI and iPod setup, as it was getting a little clunky. All working nicely. My next step is to look at upgrading the audio to another stage, nothing thundering and I...
  3. S

    cd changer power connections

    I've just purchased a used cd changer for my 2003 E270cdi with fan & fitting screws included. The new fibre optic & power harness is on order, (expected any day) The head unit is APS 50 audio. I appreciate that 2 of the wires are positive & negative with the 3rd being the wake up, Im just...
  4. V

    W123 200 (M102) Under Bonnet Pics Reqd- Coolant Hose Connections

    Hi everyone, I am currently restoring a 1983 Mercedes W123 200 saloon. When I purchased the car, it came without an engine. I have since purchased an engine but it had already been removed from the car too! I am in need of some under bonnet photos of the engine showing the coolant pipe/hose...
  5. K

    Anyone with a workshop manual for W211 boot seat pump connections?

    I was wondering. If anyone has the workshop manual or diagram on how the boot seat pump for the dynamic seats connections. It's mainly from the boot pump to the hose kit which has 4 connections labelled S P B D and that connects to a hose kit. I am trying to replace my pump with the updated...
  6. grober

    Celtic Connections 2015

    Well its that time of year again with the festivals opening concert last night. Nae Regrets- Martin Bennet's GRIT. To say his contribution to contemporary Scottish music is unique is probably an understatement. For those unfamiliar with his work you will probably be familiar with one of the...
  7. johnsco

    W210 e430 (2002) fuel filter connections

    I became aware of a clonking noise from the rear of the E430. It sounded like something was clonking against the petrol tank. I found a very-corroded piece of steel small-bore capillary tube. It was not secured and was knocking about. It traced one end of it to a rubber tube connected to a...
  8. Bootsy187

    C63 Aux/media Connections

    Hi Guys I've had my 2010 C63 5 days and I'm struggling to work out how to play music from my iPhone 5. I've worked out you can't Bluetooth it to the Comand system( which is shocking IMO) so I've been looking for a 3.5mm jack in the glove box, but can't find one, the only thing I can find is a...
  9. Grey Area

    Different airbag connections - advice needed.

    Hi guys, I'm swapping the door from my old c180 (w202) to my c230k (w202), the trouble is the c180 is 2000 and the c230 is 1998 and somewhere in that 2 year period mercedes decided to change the airbag connections that sit in the wiring loom under the door sill/kick plate. Am I totally...
  10. P

    NTG2.5 and 2 BT phone connections

    As per the title I have NTG2.5 and have 2 phones setup for connection with BT. I was expecting to be able to receive calls on either phone (one work, one personal), but only one connects at a time. When I connect the second phone the first disconnects. Is there anyway to make both work at the...
  11. grober

    Celtic connections 2013

    For anyone feeling the winter blues some cracking gigs coming up in this years "Celtic" Plus the usual festival club etc. My selection Cara Dillon with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra 20 Jan 2013 • City Halls The Mavericks and Support [Reunion concert] 22 Jan 2013 • Glasgow Royal...
  12. C

    CLK cupholders & ipod connections

    New CLK owner [ 2004 avant-garde 270 cdi ]. Noticed photo of member's car has cupholder in ash tray, obviously retro-fitted? any idea where i can get one please? Also, don't have comand [ seems best option! ] but would like to connect iPod but heard some bad things about messing with MB...
  13. D

    iPod connections

    :dk::dk:Hi Have just purchsed a new C180 and have been told by the dealer that if i want to connect an iPod it will cost £500 aprox. Surely there is a wire/ipod connector that will do the job for less. The MINI we own the wire was only £17. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  14. BTB 500

    Anybody know about TV aerial connections?

    We've got a rarely-used TV aerial point upstairs that doesn't work very well. The socket for the flylead was pretty loose so I fitted a new faceplate to see if that would help (only a couple of quid from Wickes). It didn't, but here's the weird thing. With the TV connected to the socket and...
  15. BillyW124

    W124 Electric Rear Blind Loom Connections Help w/pics

    Evening all, Ive finally aquired all the bits for my electric rear blind retro fit to the coupe gaining bits and bobs from members and the dealers.:thumb: Im having trouble in distinguishing what all the connections are about on the loom and on the blind itself. I hope you guys can help...
  16. dog68

    Are all cd changer connections the same?

    I have a sony head unit, with sony cd changer, but i want to change the head unit, does it have to be a sony? or will another make have the same connections?
  17. chilsta

    Question about W124 Estate/ Wagon fuel tank connections

    I'm upgrading the fuel system on my 300TD, which I'm going to write about on my diary thread soon, but in the meantime I have a question. A replacement tank was fitted a few years ago, before I bought the car. The metal fuel lines running the length of the car are both 8mm OD, but the tank has...
  18. tpwuk

    W208 Convertible - Subwoofer connections

    Guys, The previous owner of my CLK fitted an Alpine system, which sounds fab! However, I'm pretty sure that they have not hooked up the subwoofer. The Apline has dedicated RCA output for connection to a sub. What's the best way of connecting this to the Mercedes sub? Any ideas? Cheers, Glenn
  19. N

    Wiring loom connections

    Anyone know if MB-compatible harness connectors are automobile industry standard and whether they can be made up by hand (subject to the plastic connector bodies and flat / pin M/F connectors being available). I ask since I note that a number of UK auto-electrical suppliers market a range of...
  20. K

    Igniiton switch connections..?

    I have to reconnect two wires to a piece called ignition warning switch (color black: A 202 545 0314) which is to the left of the ignition lock... The wires are yellowish with a red line (most probably +) and brownish with a blue line (most probably earth -)... They are connectable both ways...
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