1. H

    W211 ICE, music/phone connectivity

    Hi All Hope everyone is well. Just a quick Q, was thinking about the ICE in the car, and I was really anting to be able to connect devices, either hardwired via USB or Bluetooth, not overly bothered. I know that there are upgraded Bluetooth versions of the centre console phones which...
  2. M

    iPod connectivity issue

    Morning, I have just taken delivery of a 2014 C250 Premium plus To my amazement my iPod classic (circa 2006 model) isn't recognized despite using the media interface cable. This worked flawlessly on my 2010 BMW 320. Have had a search and there does appear to be other people with similar...
  3. S

    I Pod connectivity with Command

    Hi Guys This is my first post so hello. I bought my first Mercedes a few weeks ago (an E 250 Estate 2013) When I bought it I was assured that my I Pod which at that time was a Classic would play through the system with full functionality. I quickly discovered that whilst it played through...
  4. Haven't a clue!

    Wireless Blue-tooth connectivity (W204)

    Bought a JETech Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Audio Transmitter and Receiver 2-in-1 Bluetooth Adapter to allow streaming of music from other input units, but although the Audio20 recognises the JTEC T2030 unit, it can't authorise it, though small print in post-purchase minuscule instruction booklet...
  5. developer

    Phone Connectivity Problem

    My Samsung Galaxy S5 no longer connects when I make a call in the car. It's paired, shows the reception bars in the COMAND display and receives both calls and texts, however when I dial out, say from a call list on COMAND it just goes back to radio at the point when you'd expect it to ring. Car...
  6. andrewstorey_13

    W211 bluetooth connectivity

    I have an e280 Cdi It has this head unit ( can't remember it's model name) and dash mounted cd changer and as such has no current connectivity for my iPod or iPhone, either wired or Bluetooth. I'd appreciate it if anyone could some provide some options to remedy this. Retaining steering...
  7. S

    Bluetooth connectivity

    Hi guys I have a 2008 clk complete with Bluetooth module. Can't seem to connect my mobile phone even though the phone tells me it's connected to the car. I have been told that I may need a software update. Anyone else had a similar experience or know if this is the case. Thanks.
  8. Andrew W

    Cls55 phone connectivity

    I've bought a cable to connect my IPhone 5 to the the car through the AUX port but cannot get it to work , this is the second one I've been sent . There is a cable hard wired in for a iphone 4 , I just want this to work for my music any help appreciated .
  9. D

    Phone connectivity w203

    So I just purchased a 2005 w203 which has the phone connection yet my iPhone obviously doesn't fit the attachment. Is there an easy way to connect my phone or do I need to eliminate the current install all together and install a new connection. I'd love to be able to use the steering and dash...
  10. S

    how to get Comand Online to work ?

    Hey People My C Class Coupe has the Comand Online system and I know with a smart phone you can set the unit up to browse the web.. Problem Is that I have read the phone needs to support a DUN profile in order to achieve this now I have a Galaxy Note 4 and my MRS has iPhone 6. Do I need to...
  11. J

    iPhone connectivity

    Hi, I'm due to collect my ml320 on 5th of January, it has some form of docking stn in centre console I'm just wondering if I'll be able to connect iPhone to it, is there a lead or adaptor I will need? Thanks in advance Jon Watson
  12. sgtbob

    A Class mobile phone connectivity

    Hi, My wife has just bought a 2008 (08) A-Class A150 Classic, and I have a question about the use of mobile phone in it. My brother in law has a similar model vehicle and has bluetooth connectivity however after switching on the bluetooth on my phone and pressing the telephone button on the...
  13. W

    iPhone connectivity

    Hey guys i recently purchased my A Class and loving it ! I can connect my iphone to bluetooth and play music through it without a problem but i like to have it plugged in and charge at the same time! So i got my iphone 4s and the cable and plugged it into the USB slot and it comes up with 'USB...
  14. W

    iPod connectivity

    Picking up our 2010 ML next week with comand, media interface, and convenience telephony. I didn't see an iPod port anywhere, but would like to play music through the comand unit, I looked on but am none the wiser. Also, is it possible to play movies and apps such as sky...
  15. CLA180SPORT

    CLA Audio 20 iPhone Connectivity

    Hi guys! First post and first time owning a Mercedes. I take delivery of my CLA next Friday! Really looking forward to it. The car is standard so comes with the Audio 20 system. I know the car will play music through Bluetooth or usb etc, but I would like it a bit more integrated so...
  16. edstrom76

    HTC ONE Bluetooth connectivity in S204 (MY13)

    Is there any way of making it work? It won't even detect the handset. It's not listed as a supported phone on the MB Bluetooth site so is it just a case of waiting/hoping for future updates to sort it out? Bitterly disappointed as I really like the phone but lack of BT connectivity is a bit of a...
  17. M

    c180k (w203) ipod/ phone connectivity

    Hi everyone! I have just become the proud owner of a 2007 C180K SE (w203). I have been looking into the possibility of connecting my ipod and my phone (an HTC device). I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by the amount of options/variations. For information, the car has an Audio 20 head unit with...
  18. jacksona

    W209 - ipod connectivity question...

    Hi All, Quick question, please. I'm about to take delivery of a 2006 CLK 220 CDi, which has a single disc CD/radio, with phone prep & Bluetooth. It's the unit with the shiny fascia (sorry - no idea what model it is!). Can someone please point me at the specs for this unit, please? Also...
  19. G

    ML 320 Bluetooth connectivity

    Hi all, new to the forum and asking this question on behalf of my father in law who has just bought a lovely Ml320. He has asked me to connect his iphone 5 to the cars Bluetooth and have hit a problem. I have gone through everything according to the manual found the phone put in the pass...
  20. P

    iPhone 5 connectivity

    As a new member I would be very grateful for advice on whether or not I can connect my iphone 5 to the Command system in my January 2007 SL500? I had my previous iPhone 3 connected by the MB main dealer in Basingstoke, through the appropriate cradle in the central armrest, but as you may well...
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