1. J

    Mystery hose and connector (w638 110 CDi)

    I've just bought a 2002 110 CDi and have noticed a hose hanging down that's not attached to anything. See photos attached - it's about 1/2" thick - I've added green arrows to show where it emerges and then dangles down the front of the engine block. There's also a weird looking electrical...
  2. Ultrarep

    Which connector for 320cdimaf

    Hi All i have traced my intermittant maf fault to the connector and cant find anything to replace it. It is marked LK and has part number 525360 or 525880 (its very hard to see) on it but I cant trun up the connector or maker to get a replacement. I intend to shorten the wires a little and fit...
  3. W

    W203 Coupe phone connector

    Hi I'm new to the forum and new to the world of Mercedes ownership. I was wondering if someone could help me with the phone connector in the centre arm rest of my w203 coupe. I've had a look at the forum and on google but can't seem to find one that looks like mine. Any help would be much...
  4. C

    W124 Optional Equipment Connector X30 - where is it >

    I have a late W124 E220 Cabriolet. My external mirrors have stopped working. It isn't the fuse (B) because the seat belt arms are both OK. The switch seems to be OK and earth is sound because the light still works. I understand that the main power feed to the switch comes via an Optional...
  5. brucemillar

    W124 header to rad connector leak?

    Friends Where the header tank hose mates to the radiator -a black plastic elbow! Mine is weeping. I think I can see a bit of grommet poking out of a joint on the elbow. Can anybody advise what needs replacing here please? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  6. D

    Can I buy a spade terminal for the jump start connector on my 200k?

    Hi I own an 18 year old 200k which I don't use much and like to keep on trickle charge in a barn in the Winter. Rather than remove the A/C filter and battery cover I normally apply the charger crock clips to a decent ground and the positive to the 'jump start' terminal inside the red flip top...
  7. P

    MB multiple connector kit.

    Hello, Bob from California USA: Can anybody recommend a kit of various MB connectors? Thanks in advance, Bob
  8. A

    CLS55 passenger mid-compartment odd connector?

    There's a threaded female socket in the compartment between the rear seats (in the section just further rear than the 12V socket). What is it? It possibly looks like it would take a stereo audio lead from an mp3 played, but the form factor is bizzare. Any ideas!?
  9. O

    ML320 2002 Facelift ISO CONNECTOR

    I want to fit an aftermarket sat nav / Bluetooth unit, from my Honda to my ML can I get an ISO connector for my ML if so where from? Thanks
  10. rom1

    usb connector glove box

    My previous w204 sport had a usb connector in glove box, which I could plug media cable into then connect usb memory stick. My current one does not have this connector, is it possible to have the connector. How much and how difficult to install my self? Why does same spec and year of car...
  11. E

    W203 Ashtray Wiring (Missing Connector)

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with the following: I was trying to connect the ashtray connector when I discovered it's missing and in fact, there are some cut wires, so it appears it was cut off entirely. I'm not certain the cut cables belong to the missing connector, but it seems logical...
  12. C

    C124 loom change - spare connector

    Gents, just bought myself a project c124 320, which had a loom Change in the past few years, but no invoice to provide it (seller said they'd look for it ). Found a spare plug as shown below just to the right of the t-stat, can anyone tell me where this would normally go as there doesn't appear...
  13. S

    R230 Boot Lock Switch Connector

    Hi there, I've been having problems with the boot close on my SL350 and one of the problems we've found is the connector to the Lock Switch (230-820-56-10). This has a 3 pin connector, but the middle pin has snapped off and is stuck in the connector end on the loom. I've got hold of a...
  14. S

    Y Piece connector

    Can anyone tell me whether the Y piece connector that links the vacuum hose between the two actuators on a C63 is a Mercedes only part? It has a part number on it but I don't know if the same part is available at ECP I've added a pic (if it works)
  15. ash59fifty-uk

    W204 Headlight connector

    Anyone out there with a facelift W204 (Halogen) that could possibly take a snap of their cars headlight connector for me? Close up enough to read the part number would be brilliant, if you could also get a shot of the back of the wires going into it that would be greatly beneficial but no danger...
  16. M

    iPod connector Comand 2.5

    this is the iPod connector to connect you iPod to your Comand system to allow you to control you iPod from your steering wheel controls this just plugs in between the Comand and the plug all the wiring is done for you Genuine Mercedes part £40 plus postage Ring me 07749346676
  17. andy27168

    Engine CAN C Connector CLS 219 Where?

    Hi, As some of you are aware, I am retro fitting Distronic to my CLS 55, I fitted the loom the weekend with the exception of plugging in the CAN Connector. Can anyone tell me where it is? As it is,nt where I thought it was, WIS states it is in the driver's side cable guttering just in front of...
  18. I

    can bus connector problem

    I have a 99 W210 with the ever increasing electric problem inside. Seats, windows etc. I have located the can bus connector near the A pillar and pulled it out, small connector block in brown. I wanted to start removing each one over a period of time to try to find the problematic module as this...
  19. M

    Connector terminal removal help...

    Hi guys, I have a module connector for the paramterisable module, i have one cable come loose and one exposing copper, i need to remove these 2 terminals to repair, i have spent well over 2 hours trying to remove just one of them, to no avail :( I have tried prising the little clip thing...
  20. M

    W202 C180 Alternator may have wire connector missing

    W202 C180 2000. I removed the alternator (Lucas LRB218) this afternoon to check the state of the voltage regulator (fried as it happens). To remove it I had to disconnect the battery wire and the lamp wire, but there is a third connector with no wire attached, which according to here: Rotating...
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