1. C

    Dissel injector return connectors

    Hi im currently looking to find some connectors for my injector returns the hding clips snapped on mine as i was chaging the injector seals on my w204 any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. I

    Cables and connectors in glove compartment

    I have these 2 lots of cables in my glove compartment of my recently purchased c180 kompressor coupe 56 plate. Could anyone advise what they are for. Kind regards
  3. omega1

    Help identifying aerial connectors on W204

    Hello, I have three coaxial connectors on the back of the Audio20 sytem in my 2010 W204, the two joint white ones were plugged into the back of the Audio20 under the label "FM 50 Ohm" (left connector on the image shown of the rear of the Audio20) but I'm not sure why it needs two separate...
  4. F

    Connectors attached to washer jets in engine bay

    All First post. New member. My wife's 1986 500 SL jas just come back from having some accident damage repaired. While I was nosing around in the engine bay inspecting the work, I noticed one of the hoses to the passenger side windscreen washer jet wasn't connected. Popped that back on, but...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Removing Corrosion from Foglight Electrical Connectors

    The previous owner swapped my front foglights with Xenons :ban: - Yes I know :D but actually they are extremely useful at night as the 'follow me home' lighting lights up my garage brilliantly. as they are brighter than the sun! Twice they have both stopped working, after removing the wheel...
  6. A

    W204 tail light connectors

    Does anybody know an online source for these as pictured: Thanks!
  7. donshl

    Air Connectors for dynamic seat pumps etc

    Hi all, I'm looking for the connectors that are used to connect the various pneumatic lines in the car to the pumps and air reservoir Specifically, the dynamic seat pump to the air reservoir (small black connector). Does anyone know where to find them or are they specific to MB? I've...
  8. tcb180

    Glow Plug Connectors

    Can anyone tell me how the electrical connectors come off the top of each plug. Failed miserably at the moment and don't want to break anything.
  9. B

    Underhood connectors disengagement????

    Without wishing to snap anything I gave up tugging and twisting to release these connectors until I find out just exactly how they release. Do I pull or push the grey tag and in which direction? I can see the little "tang" that locks the connector in place but no matter how much I try I cannot...
  10. B

    Mercedes C3 Cable -RS232 to RS485 pin connectors and wiring pls

    Hi there, Does anyone have a photo / diagram please they could post of what wires go to which pins on the RS485 end as the cable that I currently have has pulled away and I don't want to solder it back incorrectly with the wires going to the wrong pins. Much appreciated in advance for your...
  11. N

    W202 Expanding vacuum lines to fit connectors

    Hello, I have installed 2 tone leather seats from a C43 into my C230K. The seats are orthopedic. I am trying to hook up the orthopedic system, but I have run into a major problem. I was able to purchase the vacuum lines and the connectors from the dealer but I absolutely cannot fit the...
  12. shanksy

    Different Pin Connectors ?

    Hi all, Does anyone know the difference between the two pin connectors in the attached pic ? The pins connected to copper wires have a hole in the top whereas the silver wires are solid. Both pins are male Would it be as simple as the copper ones are ground wires ? Would ground wires have any...
  13. sam-orr

    W202 C200 coil pack connectors?

    Howdy! I changed my coil packs and two leads but unfortunately my pricey Bosch coil packs didn't come with the connectors under each pack and I can't find any info on them. Does anyone have a part number for the connectors and a rough price?
  14. KillerHERTZ

    Sony Highlevel input connectors

    Any ideas where I can get them? No luck on eBay, local car audio place reckons he might be able to order some in, but cant confirm if they will be the correct ones... :doh:
  15. Mikeyboy4

    No Auxillary connectors in glovebox....

    Hi Guys, I have a new E220 SE Exec which was acquired via the company car scheme. I was kinda expecting there to be some connectors in the glovebox but alas there isn't :( In the centre console storage box, there is what appears to be an iphone/pod connector. This is all fine and dandy but...
  16. S

    electrical connectors

    This should be an easy one. Can anyone advise me how to disconnect the electrical connectors please. I have pushed it, pulled it & wriggled it about but it stays connected, there must be a secret.
  17. Igurisu

    Help me identify these connectors

    I found these in the boot of the car today, must have been left by the previous owner. Does anybody know what they are and if they should be fitted to the car somewhere? For scale, the twin wires are approx 60mm long. The red rings seem to be a seal or O ring type affair. Maybe a...
  18. amwebby

    WISI click connectors

    Anyone know where to buy these? I've had them delivered on various retrofit OEM kits but now want some to fit a third party digibox but can't find a source anywhere.
  19. elebub

    2 pin DIN speakers connectors

    1993 220TE Replacing an old Blaupunkt head unit for a slightly newer version. Matched up all the wiring apart from the speakers which have 2-pin DIN connectors. Can anyone tell me which is the positive (+) terminal the pin or the spade? Cheers Andy
  20. H

    Radio connectors

    Does anyone know where to source the connector blocks and crimp on terminals used on the back of car radio's? I need the ones to connect my cd changer and the speedo pulse. I have tried RS and CPC but they dont seem to have them, I cannot see a make on them either Many thanks David
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