1. P

    Being conned by insurance

    A bit off topic so hope no-one minds... Had a slight accident a few months ago where I was'nt paying attention and rolled into the car in front of me at low speed in a traffic jam (5mph). Anyway, got out, no visible damage to this young lads Corsa but my number plate was wrecked. Thats it...
  2. Koolvin

    Dont get conned from EBAY!

    Have a look at this auction: Link Click me! it is for one of these: that auction start price was £7.99 + P&P and it sold for £17 I got the same tool from the stealership for £6 yes ladies and gentlemen!!!! part number: MW103 589 02 09/00 (pls check it fit's yours!) :rock:
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