1. K

    Is this conservatory quote too expensive, please?

    Hello, I have received a negotiated quote of £32,000 from Everest for the following specification conservatory; - 6m X 3.5m - uPVC framed - 600m base brick wall around the full conservatory - One side wall in full brick - Piling foundation - A step - 1 double door and 1 folding door...
  2. Dave Richardson

    Conservatory & UPVC Cleaners

    This morning Mrs Dave SWMBO suggested that the UPVC on the outside of the conservatory needing a good clean after the winter rains etc;:wallbash::wallbash: I set to work with some Cif & a non scratch sponge & yes it worked however the surface has lost much of its lustre . Are there any...
  3. verytalldave

    Insulating a conservatory roof

    Has anyone here have any first hand experience of insulating a glass conservatory roof ??? My daughter and son-in-law are in the process of considering having their large conservatory heated for winter use. I have told them its best to get the roof insulated first as heat loss will be huge...
  4. Spinal

    Conservatory & Planning Permission

    A query for the knowledge... I've been looking at building a conservatory, and am missing one bit of information... What classes a conservatory as a conservatory? I.E. I want to build a rectangular conservatory - but of the 4 walls: 1 is shared with the house over the conservatories...
  5. culpano

    How can I improve sound insulation on a polycarb conservatory roof ?

    Hi all, Any ideas how I can reasonably easily further soundproof my conservatory polycarb roof ? I enjoy listening to the rain on it but I am concerned about the noise we emit from the conservatory with music. We don't play the music very loud but the neighbours mentioned they can hear it...
  6. J

    Free to collect - 2 conservatory type chairs (Harveys)

    These chairs cost me £150 each many moons ago (yes I know, I havent shopped at Harvey's since!) They are structurally sound but the colour has faded from black to brown as they have been based in a conservatory (the pictures dont do them any justice as the colour is fairly uniform). Free...
  7. smillion

    Conservatory roof ? Glass or poly carbon?

    Looking at having a new conservatory fitted but a little debate about the roof. The supplier suggests that if its glass we'll end up spending £2k on blinds, and proposes the heat reflecting 35mm poly carbon roof. This is a 6m x 4m room and so is quite large and will be in full sun midday to...
  8. robert.saunders

    I'm stuck... Air Con in Conservatory

    I'm having problems - I acquired a portable air con unit (with the hose at the back) which was free and I have no real use for it, but it would work a treat in the conservatory. My problem is I don't know how to vent it. The build is floor to ceiling double glazed PVC construction, with a...
  9. S

    Can anyone recommend any conservatory suppliers?

    We're in the market for a conservatory and have in fact been getting quotes for the past 3 months. However, it appears that there are a lot of cowboys out there, and salesmen with dodgy selling tactics. Last night was the last straw when two conmen paid us a visit and tried to sell us a...
  10. Tan

    Lean-to / Conservatory

    Hi Yet another house question. The lean to on our house has a plastic roof which lets out all the heat, does anyone know if these roofs can be replace with glass panels? Regards Tan
  11. culpano

    Best heating type for small conservatory

    Hi, I've just had a small conservatory built. It is connected to my kitchen with an open walkway. I am ready to put some heating in there. I currently am using a small convector heater which doesn't need to be on full power for long before it maked the room as warm as toast. I then put it on...
  12. culpano

    Having a conservatory built and neighbours

    A couple of years ago the neighbours had a large conservatory built. The conservatory side sits alongside my garden fence to the left. No problems there. However I am into Astronomy and on dark nights like to get the scope out and do a bit of star gazing. Well that's been dashed altogether now...
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