1. D

    Website construction

    I need a website for my new venture and know not a great deal about them. I understand that you can build your own using a template from many online suppliers, for not a great deal of cash. However, as I'm not au fait with this method I went and got a quote from a professional. He showed...
  2. ringway

    The Construction Industry. The Truth.

  3. The Boss

    Insurance for part built construction site

    Hi guys hope you can help We acquired a part built construction site, and it is larger than usual projects, so alot of areas are new to me. Any pointers on the best source for site insurance? Thank you
  4. developer

    A Little Construction Puzzle

    What's going on here?
  5. Dizwen

    NEBOSH construction cert

    Been on the plumbing tools for 21 years, had enough of working on my knees for a living, time to get out before my back/hands/knees start to give me some real trouble... Got a Nebosh general cert a few years ago and now I want to expand on my qualifications. Can anyone recommend a good...
  6. Darrell

    CSCS Cards in construction

    Rain stopped play for today so I decided it's a good time to look into work for November 2012 onwards. The first hurdle I have come across is this CSCS card thing. What is this all about and when did it come into existance. It appears that I can't walk onto a site without the relevant card...
  7. Ade B

    VAT on construction

    One for the builders/developers out there - dropped into my inbox earlier: Obviously proper accountant's advice required etc. however thought it may be useful info for someone. Ade
  8. grober

    BT excess construction charge!!

    A friend who is building a new house a couple of hundred yards from a main road has just been informed by the OPENREACH section of BT they propose to charge him £4,500 for providing a telephone line to his house. :eek: Needless to say he needed a stiff drink after hearing the news. They...
  9. toolman1954

    Website Design and Construction

    Hi, I have decided that my business needs some propping up by way of a Website, from which I hope to generate some sales. I want the website to encompass a catalogue of goods for sale and some sort of...
  10. L

    Web site construction

    OK, just how hard is it to create your own web site??? I am just about to purchase to detail the restoration of our latest addition. Can anyone point me in the right direction??, should I just do a blog thing??? Cheers M
  11. Maff

    MB SLR Construction Process... pics...

    look at that engine! click here
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