1. P

    w204 Air bag Warning - Fornt right malfunction consult workshop

    C220 cdi w204 002 My engine was running while i was cleaning the air vent with air con cleaner, some foam spill over to the back of the driver's seat. Bought a icarsoft i980 on ebay but it did not have the airbag reset option for my car, anyone can suggest any reset tool that can support...
  2. Felstmiester

    Airbag right malfunction consult workshop message

    Got in car earlier and got above message. Done search but can't find a lot about it. Haven't been hoovering under seats or nothing but did have a look under after message came up to see if any hanging wires but couldn't see anything. Anyone had this message? Called an indie and was just told to...
  3. M

    Without Changig Gear Consult Workshop

    Got in car after work today and fired up to be presented with a red error message saying "without changing gear consult workshop". Turned off, let it shut down, and fired up again and all fine this time with no problems or errors. Called dealer who were not much help over phone and simply said...
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